Tactics for Lawyers in 2022

Tactics for Lawyers in 2022

In a recent survey by Thomson Rueters, more than a quarter of small law firms in the US said they were working to improve their social media outreach and SEO results. After hearing this information, many attorneys may ask themselves if SEO can help their firm rise above the noise of today’s saturated online marketplace. At iBoost, we provide professional SEO, web design and digital marketing services for companies across the United States. Our team enjoys helping businesses of all sizes increase their revenues by attracting more clients using the powerful force of the internet. If you want to learn more about how SEO can help your law firm’s long term growth, read below for some important information. 


What Is SEO? 

SEO is an acronym for the phrase “Search Engine Optimization”. In other words, it involves optimizing your webpages in order to rank higher on search engine results pages. If someone is looking for an attorney in their area, they will turn to Google and search for keywords related to that topic. If your website has prioritized SEO, you will have an opportunity to be seen first, without the need to pay extra for PPC ads. While it takes a while to build organic ranking on popular sites like Google, SEO for law firms can help reduce marketing expenses while increasing revenue from new clients. 

SEO for Lawyers: What You Need to Know 

SEO for lawyers works similarly to SEO for any other industry. The objective is to make each page of your website more attractive to the algorithms for popular search sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Having an understanding of the type of keywords used by people looking for attorneys is essential. However, the most difficult part about mastering SEO for lawyers is being familiar with the latest updates from companies like Google who are always changing and improving their AI system. Professional SEO and digital marketing specialists spend a great deal of time staying ahead of the curve with new developments in their industry. This means they can help your law firm rank on the first page of search results so you can continue to bring in new clients to represent. 

Tips to Improve SEO for Law Firms 

Law firms may be well aware of the importance of SEO, but what are the steps required to upgrade your webpages? Here is a list of some of the most important factors to consider with search engine optimization in 2022: 

  • Mobile-Friendly Features
  • Loading Speed
  • Landing Pages for Services
  • URL Optimization
  • Website Design
  • Content Quality
  • Site Authority
  • Keyword Research
  • Blog Posts
  • Site Security 
  • Schema Markup
  • Internal and External Links
  • 404 Page Updates
  • Image Tags
  • Brand Awareness
  • Social Media Presence
  • Local SEO 
  • XML Sitemap Generation
  • Google My Business Listing 

These are just a few of the important details that can effect whether your SEO efforts are successful over time. Completing these tasks can feel overwhelming, but are essential when it comes to improving your ranking through organic SEO. Properly utilizing these strategies can push your firm past the competition so you can be seen by more potential clients. 

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