Winning on Instagram


Winning on Instagram 

Instagram may have started several years after Facebook and Twitter, but they are one of the fastest growing and longest lasting social media platforms. They now boast over 700 million users per month, making it an incredible avenue for marketing your products or services. If you've never used Instagram before, it can be intimidated to begin. At iBoost, we provide professional SEO and digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes. We enjoy helping companies just like yours navigate through the constantly shifting waves of internet advertising, so you can grow your audience, increase your online sales and remain focused on the daily operations of running your business. We understand that modern business owners and managers have a lot of responsibilities to juggle, and that learning new platforms can be time consuming and frustrating. Thankfully, there's no reason to miss out on this great opportunity, here are a few simple tips to follow for getting your Instagram account ready to go. 

Make Sure You Have a Business Account 

If you're using a personal profile for Instagram, switch to a business account as soon as possible. You will receive many benefits for doing so, including detailed analytic information and extra features. When you create your business account, be sure to fill out all your information, an incomplete profile could make your company less likely to gain followers. Also, utilize the opportunity to provide a link to your website so you can increase your traffic and ultimately raise your online sales revenue. 

Take Quality Photos

Keep in mind that Instagram is all about pictures, so it's much more important to post the highest quality images possible. While most smart phones are excellent at taking professional photos, there's no reason to publish grainy, blurry or disjointed images that have nothing to do with your brand. 

Tell a Story Through Images

Think like an advertiser and use each photo to send a clear message. All posts should either provide value to your customers or help establish a stronger connection. Try creating a series, and utilize the Instagram Stories feature. These short videos give Instagram users a way to reach out in a more personal and direct way and will get more attention from followers. 

Always Use Hashtags

With Instagram, hashtags are the name of the game. They are one of the few social media platforms that encourage long lists of relevant hashtags, which makes it an excellent opportunity for potential clients to discover you. Unfortunately, if you fail to use the correct hashtag, they will be sure to find your competition instead. 

Follow Other Instagram Users that Are Interested in Similar Companies

Unlike Facebook or Pinterest, Instagram enthusiasts like having a lot of images to scroll through. The visual appeal of Instagram posts makes it unique, like flipping through a fashion magazine or coffee table art book. For this reason, many people who see they have been followed by someone will automatically follow back. While it's important not to overdo this technique, following a few highly active Instagram accounts per day can help boost the number of people who view your posts.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Instagram Followers? Get Help from the Expert at iBoost

Is it time for you to boost your site traffic with the latest social media marketing techniques? Then give the professionals at iBoost a call today. Our experienced digital marketing and SEO specialists will be happy to find a solution that fits your unique needs and budget. 

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