Will my organic rankings suffer if I don't have a blog?

Will my organic rankings suffer if I don't have a blog?

Over the years, blogging has been a proven strategy for business owners and web developers to boost their website rankings in major search engines. But the desperation by some acclaimed SEO experts using black-hat strategy to rank in google for specific keywords has drastically affected the significance of blogging.


Nevertheless, using blogging to improve search visibility, ranking, organic traffic, and profitability is still effective when it is done the right way.

There’s no doubt your organic ranking will be affected if you don’t have a blog or you stopped blogging for a while. However, in this article, you’ll learn why blogging is recommended for every SEO endeavor and how it will boost your organic ranking.

Why having a blog is a must?

You can be involved in other lead generation strategies like PPC, email, and social media marketing which can be measured immediately, but blogging is a long-term investment and before you could be an authority in your niche, you must integrate a blog in your website.

Apart from using blogs to drive organic traffic, the quality content in your blog has a way of building your reputation and increasing the trust of users for your products and services.

Users want relevant content, and if they can find it on your website, you will surely increase your ranking on google and outrank your competition.

Google and other search engines have evolved and so should you!

The days of publishing articles that are stocked with keywords just to achieve a higher ranking has gone. Google launched Panda to ensure optimum user experience and to reduce the ranking of low-quality content. 

SEO experts should not use outdated strategies that focus on keywords because that will have a negative impact on their ranking and Google is becoming extremely strict. If you aren’t updated on Panda algorithm, you’re missing a lot but don’t worry because SEO professionals from iBoost can guild you through the process.

Fresh and quality content is the key

Updating your website with quality content improves your ranking on Google because search engines give precedence to websites with quality content. Using your blog to update the content of your website is a fantastic idea, but it must be of very high quality.

Your ranking and quality score will go down if the content on your blog is low. So, it's better you change your strategy from publishing cheap or low-quality articles and make sure that the articles are of very high quality. 

Although they say, ‘content rules in SEO’ but with Panda, it has changed to ‘quality content that ensures great user experience rules in SEO.’

Like to know how you can go about generating quality content that will increase your search engine ranking? Then contact professionals from iBoost!

You will get more indexed pages with a blog

Ideally, every page or post in your blog is indexed in the search engines, and if you keep providing fresh and top-quality content, your SERPs will increase.

The internal linking of your website will improve

Internal linking helps google bots to understand the information your website is portraying to the public. If you correctly link your blog posts and use good anchor texts, it will help to enhance your ranking.

It is a fact that recent changes have increasingly made search engine ranking to be more difficult, but iBoost will always help you to dominate the SERPs and outrank your competition. Just give us a call now.