Why Should You Have a Blog for Your Business


Most brick and mortar businesses have understood the importance of having an online presence for many years. In an age where everyone has a smartphone in their hand and a laptop nearby, no one needs to be convinced that having a website is essential to running a successful company in today's fast paced, competitive atmosphere. However, times have evolved, and the process of digital marketing has become more complicated. It isn't enough to simply publish a static web page and expect for your online home to be frequented by a stream of new customers. Elaborate algorithms and advanced "bots" crawl their way through the data and code of websites to find the most relevant destination for search engine users. It's more important than ever before to add premium content to your website to compete against similar businesses who are utilizing the latest advancements in technology and SEO practices. Here's the top three reasons why your company can instantly benefit from adding a blog to your businesses website. 

Connect with Customers

Publishing consistent content allows you to form deeper connections with current and potential customers. Your audience will begin to see you as an authority in your niche or industry, and will see that you take the time to provide valuable and interesting information about your products and services. Articles, posts, and videos will give people a glimpse into your business, and humanize your brand, something that is becoming increasingly important in a world that demands authenticity from the companies they make purchases from. 

Social Media Opportunities

In today's world, using social media is essential for all businesses. Many consumers use social media specifically to find new businesses in their area. Word of mouth has always been one of the best forms of marketing, and social media sharing is the contemporary version of that same notion. Now, when someone finds your blog post while searching on Google, there's a good chance that they will share that information on their social channels. Viral posts are becoming more frequent, and it's important to realize how much business could be sent your way if a well written blog post gets published on the news feeds of thousands of men and women in your city or neighborhood. 

Email Marketing 

While SEO and social media are vital components of your digital marketing campaigns, email is a highly effective method that is often overlooked by small business. The conversion rates for email marketing is substantially higher than many alternatives. Having an email list means you have a chance to guarantee that your message is delivered directly to your audience. Having a blog is one of the fastest and most effective ways to build an email list. You can offer exclusive email newsletter with discount coupons, invitations to private events and bonus content.

Boost Your SEO

Search engines rely on complex algorithms and keywords to find websites with relevant information for internet users. If you want your businesses website to show up on the front page of Google, you need to have a lot of high quality content published on your site that includes the keywords that your customer's might be typing into the search bar. The advanced technology employed by companies like Google are highly sophisticated, which means keyword stuffing and creating webpages with only keywords and no context will not only give you a bottom ranking, but may even get your site de-indexed by Google altogether. It's important that you consistently publish great content on your blog that brings value to potential customers, doing so will help you climb the ranks and reach a larger audience. 

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