Why 'Near Me' Searches Matter for Home Service Providers

Are you looking for new ways to boost your website’s traffic? Understanding the significance of  ‘Near Me’ searches can provide incredible growth for your business. You may have already noticed that Google automatically adds ‘Near Me’ to your mobile searches. Perhaps your family was looking for a nearby plumber, or maybe you wanted to find an electrician in your area, and Google helped narrow your search by converting your request to ‘Plumbers Near Me’ or ‘Electrician Center Near Me’. The same magic is happening when local customers need a plumber, electrician, roofing contractor, floor installer or other residential service. If you own a service oriented company like those mentioned above, you could see a major improvement in sales by using the right techniques to maximize Google’s preferences. 


Take Advantage of Mobile Searches

Over 80 percent of ‘Near Me’ searches occur on mobile devices. People are most often on their computers while sitting at a desk at work or in their home office. This means conventional online searches are more likely to be associated with professional tasks rather than personal needs. In contrast, smart phones and tablets are frequently used by people who want fast and convenient information in the moment. A lot of people who need clog removal, tree pruning, electrical repairs or other home based service will pull out their phone or scroll through their iPad to quickly find what they’re looking for. In addition, voice searching via Alexa and Google Home are becoming more popular than ever before. Therefore, you will also benefit from additional searches from people who may be using these devices to find the help they need quickly. For a service based business, few things are more important than attracting loyal customers who live in their area, and ‘Near Me’ searches provide an incredible opportunity to find nearby clients. 

Actions You Can Take to Benefit the Most from ‘Near Me’ Searches

So, what can you do to raise your rank on ‘Near Me’ search result pages? There are several steps you can take to improve your chances. The first is to ensure you have a mobile-friendly website. If you’re still using an old fashioned, non-responsive website, then it’s time to upgrade. You’ll also want to make sure your name, address and telephone number are prominently displayed on every page of your website so Google can easily identify your location and company information. Another great way to take advantage of ‘Near Me’ searches is to create location based landing pages and blog posts for specific cities and neighborhoods in your service area. Be sure to include the phrase “Near Me’ in your long tail keywords to gain the most benefits from published content. 

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