Why My Google Business Page Got Suspended?

If you find yourself trying to log in to your Google My Business Page, only to discover that you've been suspended, you're not alone. It can be frustrating, especially if you've received a hard suspension and all your businesses data, including reviews, are nowhere to be found. Don't panic, at iBoost, we are experienced in handling Google suspensions for our clients. It is a relatively common occurrence, and in many instances, it can be reinstated. There are many reasons why your listing may have been compromised, but we've narrowed it down to some of the most common situations. 


No Physical Address

Google's My Business pages are designed to be used for local brick and mortar or service based businesses. If you are running a coaching practice, tech startup, freelance work or online business of some kind where there is no physical business address, you may want to consider getting a brand page instead. If you provide local services, but rather than having a physical office, you go meet people in their home or business, you may need to hide your address. Examples include a landscaper, painter, handyman, a massage therapist or a personal trainer that meets with people in their home. Also, some people try to create "virtual offices" in nearby cities, even though they don't have a physical location in that area. This can also be a reason for a suspension. 

This can get tricky as well if you have a business with a smaller office in someone else's physical store. For instance, if you are an independent hair stylist and rent a booth at a large salon, or if you teach yoga classes at a nearby gym. In these cases, listing their address as your own could cause problems. 

Multiple Listings

If you've created duplicate accounts with the same address, whether intentionally or accidentally, it could raise flags for Google. They may think that you are spamming their users and you may have to delete other accounts before being reinstated. 

Using a Forwarding URL

Google doesn't like it when the domain associated with your account is redirected or forwarded to a landing page. If you are using a vanity URL or the URL listed sends the user to a different web address, there's a chance you could get a soft suspension from Google. 

Adding Extra Information to Your Business Name

The business name field is meant specifically for your legal business name only. If you try to include unnecessary information for SEO purposes, such as a city, phone number, business hours or a keyword not used in your actual name, you might receive a soft suspension as well. 

Let iBoost Help Your Google My Business Page 

In the event that your Google My Business Page has received a suspension, contact the team of professionals at iBoost. Your business listing is vital to your company and it's important that the problem becomes solved as quickly as possible. Let our experts get your Google My Business page back on track.