Why is My Google Listing Suspended?


Why is My Google Listing Suspended?

It can be frustrating to find out that your Google business listing has been removed from the search results page. After all, companies often rely on their Google My Business listing to attract new clients. At iBoost, we provide high quality digital marketing, SEO and web design services for businesses across the United States. Our team enjoys helping companies of every size find innovative ways to increase sales and improve their online reach. Has your Google My Business listing suddenly been suspended? Read more to find out what the cause may be, and how you can fix the problem before it creates a substantial loss in revenue. 

Why Is Your Google My Business Listing Important?
It’s estimated that more than 60% of consumers use Google My Business to look for reviews or information about local businesses. When people are actively searching for a new restaurant, retail store or service, they often click on the My Business listing first to find the location, phone number or office hours of the company. If your listing is missing, then there’s a good chance they will simply find a competing business down the road. 

Common Causes of a Google My Business Suspension
Google routinely suspends listings and business accounts for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, they don’t actively alert you to the problem, and so many companies will go weeks or even months without realizing that customers aren’t able to access their business details. Keep in mind that Google has an obligation to those who are using their platform to search for reliable information. So, if the algorithm senses that something isn’t right, they may automatically remove your listing to avoid confusion for web users. Some of the most common reasons for suspended listings include:

  • Inconsistencies or duplicate address and contact information.
  • The address, phone number or contact information listed on your Google My Business page is different than the data given on other sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. 
  • Your physical location, phone number or email address has changed, and the listing hasn’t been updated. 
  • You’re a service based company working from home, and your physical address wasn’t properly disabled. 
  • The listed location is a PO Box or a virtual address.
  • There is no physical location for your business because you run an ecommerce site or provide digital services. 
  • Other businesses are using your address or contact information. 
  • The listed website has a forwarding URL. 

What Should You Do If Your Listing is Suspended?
If you discover that your listing or account has been suspended, then the first step should be to review your information and ensure that the data given is accurate and up to date. You should also contact Google and speak with a representative to see what can be done. Be warned however, suspensions are on the rise, which means that it may take longer than expected to receive assistance. An SEO specialist will have special insight into the possible explanation for your Google listing issues. So, getting help from an expert will help you recover your account quickly. 

Do You Need Help with Your Google My Business Listing? Contact iBoost Today
Is your company struggling with a Google My Business suspension? Get the help you need right away by contacting the experts at iBoost. Our team of SEO and digital marketing specialists will help find the perfect solution for your needs. Contact our office today and find out what we can do to help you reach your goals. 


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