Why Blogging Matters for Your Small Business

Most people are aware of the importance of having a website. In a world where everyone walks around with a smartphone attached to their hand, having an online presence is essential to the success of businesses of all sizes. However, simply having a website is no longer enough. Now that almost everyone has a site, the competition is much fiercer than it was only a few years ago. If you want to stand out of the crowd, it's important to focus your efforts on making your website valuable and attractive to search engines. While there are many different methods and techniques that can increase the visibility of your website, the number one way that small businesses can grow their customer reach fast is by creating a blog page. If you're still deciding whether having a blog is worth your time, here's just a few of the amazing benefits that publishing weekly posts can have for your company. 


Improve Your Search Engine Rank

SEO is vital to the success of your website. If search engines don't pick up your pages and make them available for customers to find, you aren't likely to attract new business. The most popular search engines place an enormous amount of interest in sites that offer premium content for their users. The days of keyword stuffing and nonsensical copywriting are over. Today's web crawlers are far too advanced, and such tactics will not only cause your pages to be ignored, it may even get you deindexed. If you want to move up the ranks quickly, you have to publish quality content on a regular basis, and blogging is the number one way to achieve this. 

Build Authentic Relationships with Your Customers

People are busy, and as our dependency on technology increases, so too do customer expectations. No one wants to give their money to business they feel aren't worthy. Today's consumers want to work with brands that are transparent and authentic, someone who cares enough about their needs to reach out and show their humanity. A blog is an excellent way to give your clients a peak behind the scenes. It allows them to see the people behind the website, and will give them a way to connect more strongly with your business and its products and services. 

Establish Authority and Trust

Searching for a new product, retail store, restaurant or service provider can be nerve wracking. Almost anyone can get a business number and a one page website and call themselves legitimate. However, there are countless stories of people handing over their hard-earned cash only be left severely disappointed. These experiences can sit for a long time with people. If you are trying to attract new customers to your business, one of the best ways to build immediate trust is by publishing blog posts that prove you know your stuff. If you need a new plumber who are you more likely to trust? The guy with a static web page published in 1999 who has a phone number and address and not much else. Or, the company with an extensive website that thoroughly explains their services, and has over a hundred articles written by their staff with topics like "How to Unclog Your Pipes" or "When is it Time for a New Water Heater?". Most people would go with the second choice without hesitation. 

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