What to Do When PPC Gets too Expensive?


What to Do When PPC Gets too Expensive?

Does it seem like your Pay Per Click advertising budget has swelled, while your online traffic continues to decrease by the month? In the early days of the internet, small businesses could achieve great advantages over the competition with PPC ads. Now that everyone understands the merits of digital marketing, many companies have begun to see weak results despite increasing costs. At iBoost, we provide professional SEO, digital marketing and web design services for businesses across the US. Our team enjoys helping companies of all sizes grow their audience and improve their online sales. What should you do if your PPC campaigns become too expensive? Here are just a few reasons why content marketing might be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

The Rising Costs of PPC Advertising 
Have you often wondered why the cost of your PPC keywords continue to increase year after year? The truth is that there are several factors involved. The quality score of your website, the amount of competition for your chosen keyword, and consumer interests are just a few of the characteristics that determine the cost of each ad click. In most cases, the most general terms such as “attorney” or “plumber” is the most cost prohibitive, with prices as high as $50 or more. For major corporations with endless advertising budgets, this is a hurdle that can be overcome. Unfortunately, smaller businesses often bear the brunt of rising PPC costs. Pay per click continues to be highly effective, so there’s no need to abandon it entirely. Thankfully there are techniques that can be utilized to increase the success of a campaign without the need to expand your budget, such as utilizing more specific keywords for a narrow, target audience. 

How Can Content Marketing Help? 
Search Engine Optimization focused content marketing offers an extremely high return on investment long term. While this method does take time, once your webpages begins to rise through the ranks of the search results page, you’ll see an increase in traffic. Best of all, you can receive an unlimited number of clicks, without having to pay a single penny. By consistently publishing quality, informative content, you can impress the Google algorithm again and again. Combining this organic strategy with more targeted PPC advertising can help to drastically improve your traffic and conversion rate, while maintaining the same budget. 

The Benefits of Hiring an SEO and Digital Marketing Expert 
Today’s business owners are very busy. Most people simply don’t have the time to manage the daily responsibilities of running a successful company, while also keeping up with the constantly evolving digital world. While larger corporations can hire whole departments dedicated to advertising, marketing and content creation, smaller businesses normally want to avoid the overhead costs of hiring extra employees. When you work with the team at iBoost, you’ll receive premium services for a fraction of the cost. 

Are You Ready to Increase Your Online Sales? Contact iBoost Today 
Has your business struggled with getting consistent results with PPC advertising? Let our experts create a customized solution that will maximize your advertising budget and provide long term rewards. Contact our specialists today and find out how our SEO and digital marketing professionals can help you reach your goals. 

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