What is a National Tracking Strategy


What is a National Tracking Strategy?

Thanks to Google’s hyper focus on local results, it’s important for companies of all sizes to have an appropriate keyword strategy to generate sales from nearby customers. However, for large businesses with multiple locations across the United States, developing a national tracking strategy can help you achieve continual growth in each city, while staying organized and informed with relevant data. At iBoost, we help businesses around the country find innovative ways to skyrocket their online reputation and improve sales. We want you to enjoy the same great results, and implementing a national tracking strategy might help you reach your advertising goals. Here’s a short, step by step guide to help you get there. 

Choose Cities That Will Drive the Best Results for Your Company

The first step is to choose which cities you want to target for your next campaign. It’s best to start with the areas that will benefit your unique circumstances the most. Perhaps you want to maximize the potential of your most popular locations by bringing in even more loyal clients. Or, maybe you want to use this technique as an opportunity to improve sales in locations with the lowest performance. 

Narrow Down Your Keywords 

Next, you’ll want to select keywords that will work best in all cities. It’s important to decide on keywords that have a relatively high search volume in most of the cities on your list. This will ensure that your keywords are optimized, and won’t take away from the success of your locally targeted campaigns. 

Decide How Much You Want to Track Each Keyword

Now it’s time to set up location specific tracking for each keyword. Creating a spreadsheet may help your team stay organized when planning and implementing this step. Tracking a citywide audience may be too general. It’s best to choose the zip codes, street names or geographical coordinates for your store location, so you can narrowly target the shoppers most likely to see your advertisement when they’re close by. 

Tag and Segment

To keep the data easier to track and analyze, it’s important to tag and segment according to information like city, product or service. Create one or two tags at the most for each keyword, and input your information into analytics software like STAT. This will allow you to quickly view all data in clean categories.

Analyze Your Results and Adjust as Needed

Utilize your analytic software to determine the local and national ranking average for your keywords. Now, you can easily keep track of how well your keywords are doing across all major store locations. Feel free to adjust your keyword campaigns and adjust your tracking information as needed to maximize your results.

Ready to Get More Local Sales Nationwide? Let the Experts at iBoost Help 
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