How Great Design Makes Your Business Website Attract Attention


Most companies understand the importance of having a website in today's marketplace. However, many business owners haven't had the time or the opportunity to learn how to design a modern website that brings in traffic and creates loyal customers. Small businesses often struggle with keeping their old site current with new trends and the demands of a tech-savvy client base. Large corporations might have the resources to hire an entire technology and marketing department, but most small retail stores and service providers have no room in the budget for additional overhead costs. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes increase their visibility and raise their conversion rates. We would like to share a few ways that you can take your site design to the next level. 

Toss Out Flashy and Outdated Images

Websites in the 90's were often littered with pages packed full of widgets and flashy pictures that were meant to instantly grab the attention of web surfers. This experimental phase of internet life has thankfully come to an end, and any site that still employees these tactics are probably turning away traffic. Modern internet users have finer tastes and are accustomed to demanding a higher level of design when browsing through sites. If you want to seem relevant to your customers, it's important that you show them you care about providing the right environment for them, both online and in person. 

Plan Your Pages Around Keywords

Many business owners that create their own website don't start with a plan. Their pages and posts are often random and inconsistent. Later, as they begin to develop a keyword strategy for SEO purposes, they struggle to find popular keywords that can drive their content to the top of search engine result pages. The best approach when formulating your content creation plan, is to research the best keywords for your location and industry first, then choose pages and blog topics that integrate them. 

Make Sure Your Links Work and Your Contact Info is Updated

Nothing is more frustrating for site users than clicking on menu or page links only to land on the same 404 error page repeatedly. Having a site congested with broken links is the best way to send your ideal audience straight to your competitors. It's important to stay on top of both internal and external links and update regularly when needed. You'll also want to check your contact information as well. Though it seems simple, many people forget to change their store hours or update their email and these kinds of oversights could make communication with potential clients impossible. It's always a good idea to schedule a quarterly audit of your site, to scan for problems. 

Mobile Friendly Design is Essential

Years ago, when smart phones were first bursting on the scene, web developers began to create separate pages for desktop and mobile devices. While this worked for a time, it has since become absolute. Maintaining two different sites is not only ineffective from a design point, but it can also sink your SEO efforts. In today's on-the-go environment, everyone uses the internet on their phones and tablets. Responsive design is now an essential component of an effective and attractive website. Responsive means that a web user will access the same website, from any device and the page elements will instantly respond to the screen size for easy navigation. If your site is not responsive, it's important that you upgrade immediately to avoid missing out on major opportunities to gain more customers. 

Need Help Creating a High Converting Website for Your Company? Contact iBoost Today

Are you strapped for time, but know that your website could use an upgrade? Get the professional help you need from the experienced team at iBoost. We help businesses in cities across the country build their online presence and grow their customer reach. If you're ready to gain more traffic and find new clients, contact iBoost today and find out what we can do for your company. 

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