Video Content Strategies for Small Businesses


Video Content Strategies for Small Businesses

Today's savvy business owners understand the important role that digital marketing plays in their success. While millions of small companies across the United States are doubling their SEO efforts and publishing consistent blog posts, there is another social media stream that remains significantly underutilized. Videos have exceptionally high conversion rates, and a larger chance of being shared and going viral than written forms of content. However, many people are uncomfortable with the idea of creating a YouTube channel and publishing videos on social media. For many, the technological hurdle feels overwhelming, others are camera shy or aren't sure where they should start. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes around the country grow their audience through SEO and digital marketing. Thankfully, there are ways that you can implement videos into your content strategy without feeling stressed out. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you start creating videos to promote your business. 

Focus on Creating Value, Not Making a Commercial

Of course, if you're creating a video advertisement, then creating a commercial makes sense. However, when you're making videos for your YouTube Channel or Facebook page, it's important to make a distinction. Think of your video content as a live action form of a blog post. The idea is to provide valuable information that will establish your company as an authority in your industry and build customer relationships. Your videos aren't supposed to sell products or services directly, but provide creative content that keeps bringing potential customers back for more. For instance, a plumbing company may want to publish regular videos about simple DIY projects that can be done around the house. Someone who likes to watch your tutorials will know what company to call when they have a burst pipe or stubborn clog. Companies that sell products can help share a story of how their items are made or how customers are using them. For example, a surf board shop may want to do a series showcasing local surfers who are using boards from their store. A clothes boutique can do a fashion vlog showcasing new seasonal trends. You may also want to maximize the value of your content by pairing a blog post and video together and cross promoting. Those who find your website may decide to subscribe to your channel and people browsing YouTube will have an opportunity to sign up for your website's mailing list. 

Utilize Links in the Description

In the description area of most video sharing platforms, you can provide links to your website. Many small businesses waste this massive opportunity. YouTube stars often make half of their income by using affiliate links in these descriptions, but service and product based companies can also increase their income by placing links strategically. If you are a landscaping company creating a video about proper pruning techniques, you can link directly to your service page, encouraging local home owners to schedule an appointment for professional tree trimming services. Coffee shops can create a series on their newest fall beverage release, and give a link to a printable coupon they can bring into the store for a big discount. Don't forget to mention these links somewhere in the video, as some viewers won't automatically read the description area while watching videos. 

Batch Record Videos 

Small business owners and managers often have a lot on their plate already. The idea of creating, editing, publishing and promoting videos keeps many people from embracing a valuable opportunity. For some time strapped companies, it might make things simpler if you can batch the recording of your videos in one longer session. For instance, if you want to do a series of customer testimonials, it will be easier to invite a large group together at once and record multiple short interview sequences on the same day. In this way, you only need to coordinate one event, yet you'll gain enough footage to create a dozen or more videos. 

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