Using Google Ads Editor for Cross Account Management  


Using Google Ads Editor for Cross Account Management  

Google’s AdWord editor has always been a fan favorite. When the company rebranded their marketing as Google Ads, some people in the industry became a little nervous. Thankfully, the launch of the new Google Ads Editor version 1 has so far been a big hit for the digital advertising industry. While there are many great features included in the updated version, one of the most exciting is the ability to manage ads across different accounts. At iBoost, we take pride in helping our clients stay ahead of the competition by utilizing the latest search engine optimization and digital marketing techniques. We want to introduce this innovative new bonus so you can use it for your business. 

New and Improved Features of the New Google Ads Editor 

There is a long list of enhanced features with the Google Ads Editor Version 1. Some of the most interesting is better audience targeting with Smart Display campaigns, support for App campaigns, full support for non-skippable video ads, streamlined editing and Ad strength indicator. The fresh design and continued ease of use will ensure that the Google editor remains a staple of the online advertising and sales community. 

Cross Account Management Features

In the past, users were only able to create changes in the Editor UI for each individual account. With the new Google Ads Editor, it’s easy to view and manage advertisements across all platforms from a single, user friendly window. This means you can streamline your keywords on all accounts from a single page. 

How Can This New Addition Help Improve Your Online Ad Campaigns?

Before, simple changes that needed to be made for multiple campaigns could take a long time. Since these edits were usually repetitive, people frequently complained about wasting unnecessary time that could be better focused on other important priorities. Now, users can update keywords, make changes to settings of various businesses or download data from any grouping of accounts with a single action. In a world where speed is essential, it’s possible to upgrade your campaigns much faster, giving an even greater edge on competitors in your industry. 

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