Using Facebook Live to Improve Relationships with Local Customers

Using Facebook Live to Improve Relationships with Local Customers 

Many business owners are aware that using social media is excellent for marketing, but trying to understand the best way to utilize platforms like Facebook can be intimidating and overwhelming. For owners who are already juggling their Facebook pages and posts, it can be irritating when new features suddenly push them further behind the competition despite giving their best efforts. Large companies have the benefit of enormous budgets so they can hire whole departments of SEO and digital marketing experts. It can be hard for small, locally based businesses to take advantage of opportunities like Facebook Live when they don't have time for extensive training. At iBoost, we help businesses around the country grow their online reach and discover new customers. Facebook Live is a recently added feature that can greatly increase sales by developing better relationships with followers. Most Facebook users visit their feed on breaks, when they only have a few minutes to scroll through and see what's going on with friends and family. Video is one of the best ways to instantly capture their attention, especially now that Facebook has implemented automatic play. While video can be scary, it's important not to let your fears keep you from reaching out to new customers and nurturing existing relationships with your community. Here are just a few of the ways that your business can begin using Facebook Live without the anxiety. 


Host a Q & A with Customers  

Are there questions that customers frequently ask? Have you recently published a blog post about important industry topics and received a lot of comments? See if you can provide extra value to your local customers by giving them an opportunity to ask their questions live. Service based businesses like plumbers, electricians and tree care providers have an even greater advantage when implementing this strategy. Homeowners are often unsure how to perform basic tasks like drain cleanings or deciding which light bulbs to use. Answering these questions will help establish your company as an authority in your area. It also shows that you care deeply about the needs of your clients, and when a local resident runs into a problem, your company will be the first on their mind.

Showcase a New Product 

Do you have a new item for sale that you'd like to showcase? You can think of Facebook Live as a short, inexpensive commercial. Highlight the product's features and show your customers how the item is used. Providing context can help customers visualize what it would be like to have the product, and increase the chances that they see the value of what you're offering. 

Service Based Businesses Can Share Newly Completed Customer Projects 

Web designers, artists, pool contractors, renovation specialists, and almost any service based business can use Facebook Live to show tangible proof of their amazing work. Followers that are unsure about making a purchase, may notice your quality of craftsmanship. It could be the final factor that causes them to book an appointment. 

Give Them Behind the Scene Access

Social media is first and foremost about building relationships. Today people sift through the information overwhelm by choosing companies that take the time and effort to show the humanity behind the logo. Show them your office or your store's retail space. Take the camera around and introduce your staff members. Giving exclusive access via Facebook Live can give a face to the name and make your business stand out in their mind. It may also help them feel more comfortable about coming into your business because they will already be familiar with your employees.

Know What You're Going to Say Ahead of Time

Remember that it's Facebook LIVE. That means that any hiccups will be recorded in real time and can't be erased. Though the video itself can be deleted afterward, those who are viewing it while you're recording will see everything. Plan your steps and think for a few days about the message you want to get across.

Rehearse what you want to talk about ahead of time, but avoid reading from a paper and appearing robotic. 

Use Quality Video and Audio Equipment

You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars for a photography studio. In fact, todays smart phone cameras are borderline professional quality, and are the easiest to use when recording directly on a social media channel. You want to make sure that your audience has a clear image coming across their device, and that they can hear your voice well. Use a selfie stick or tripod to stabilize the picture and get a small microphone accessory. Make sure the space is well lit, and open the windows. Natural sunlight is the cheapest and best quality lighting available. 

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