Upgrading Old Content


Upgrading Old Content

Publishing content on your website continues to be a vital factor in improving SEO. The use of relevant keywords coupled with quality information is a priority for businesses who want to stay attractive to Google algorithms and online users. The experts at iBoost enjoy helping our clients find exciting ways to gain more traffic and increase their online sales and offering professional content writing services. One frequently neglected SEO technique is to renew stale material. While creating brand new blog posts, sales pages and product descriptions is essential to staying relevant in search results, you can also raise the overall effectiveness of your content by revamping old content at least once a year. 

Why Fresh Content Matters
Google automatically favors newer content. Bots also like to see consistent activity on your site. In addition, people who are searching for information, products or services are more likely to trust content that is recently published. This is particularly true if the topic itself undergoes frequent changes, such as product reviews, industry insights, government regulations or marketing advice. The best way to keep your site ranking high is to continue publishing new content every week, so you remain an authoritative source in your niche. 

How Upgrading Your Existing Content Can Increase Ranking
Content that was published years ago is less likely to get noticed by people searching the web. Boost the ranking of an outdated page by improving click through rates and increasing engagement. Here are just a few effective methods for upgrading existing content:
•    Improve keywords used in titles and headings 
•    Fix spelling and grammar errors
•    Change inaccuracies due to changes in industry or mistaken information
•    Remove any broken links
•    Create fresh links to better resources
•    Link to other relevant content on your site that has been recently published
•    Embed new images or videos
•    Make sure it complies with updates to the Google algorithm

Other Ways to Reuse Old Content to Increase Traffic
While you’re at it, you can also use the existing text to create an entirely new form of media to increase traffic in a variety of ways. For example, you can use an informative article or blog post as a transcript for a YouTube video or podcast episode. You can create a slideshow for Linked In or an infographic you can share on multiple social media platforms. Also, simply resharing the new content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can significantly increase traffic to the page, which will further enhance it’s upgraded status. 

Need More Creative Ways to Reach New Audiences Online? Contact iBoost Today
Business owners and manages have a lot of responsibilities. It can be difficult to prioritize search engine optimization, advertising and social media management while trying to stay on top of daily activities. Unfortunately, when companies begin to neglect their search engine optimization and digital marketing, they quickly fall behind the competition. When you invest in the quality services available at iBoost, you’ll have the best of both worlds. You’ll immediately gain access to a highly trained and experienced team of SEO, marketing and web design experts, without sacrificing your precious time. Contact iBoost to find out how our specialists can help you reach your goals. 

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