Tips to Improve Your SEO with Video


Advertising with video is becoming more popular among today's marketers and business owners. In the information age, many people prefer to get their information from video rather than reading articles and blog posts. This means that many potential customers are specifically looking for video content on search engines, and using video correctly can bring a lot of traffic to your website. If you're looking for an excellent way to gain attention and increase your SEO, here are some tips to help maximize the value of every video you publish. 

Have a Clear Objective in Mind Before Creating Each Video

Every time you create and publish a video, you have an opportunity to connect with customers. Make sure you don't waste your efforts with a chaotic, disorganized or irrelevant message. Always deliver targeted content so that your intent and direction are clear and concise. Make your call to action prominent so your audience isn't confused on what step to take next. For instance, if you are a plumbing company and you make a video about how to get rid of drain clogs, be sure to mention at the end that you offer drain cleaning services and include your contact information. Chances are that if they found your video through an online search, they have a drain issue and there's a high potential for converting the viewer into a customer. If you fail to deliver value with your video, or if you forget to direct them towards scheduling an appointment, then they may move on and get help from your competitor. 

Always Use Appropriate Meta Descriptions 

Remember that the meta data is how search engines locate your content. When you don't include meta descriptions, your chances of ranking on a search engine results page isn't very high. Be sure when you choose your descriptions and keywords, that they are relevant to the video itself. Many novice marketers will try to use keywords that draw the largest audiences, despite having nothing to do with the content. If your video is a tutorial about the dangers of electrical fires and your meta descriptions includes trending keywords about celebrities, you aren't going to get traffic that's interested in your topic. What's worse, is that using inaccurate meta descriptions can cause your customers to lose trust in your brand, and drive them away. 

Make Video Quality a Priority

You don't have to be an Oscar worthy cinematographer to publish videos online. However, if the video footage is blurry and out of focus, or if the sound is muffled, no one will sit through your 5 to 10-minute presentation. Remember that when someone is searching for a video online, they are probably interested in gaining as much information as quickly as possible. Video editing software is becoming more user friendly. Teenagers are creating professional YouTube channels, so customers set the bar high. While most audiences don't expect perfection, they aren't going to waste their time if they can't see or hear your video. Publishing consistently poor quality videos will have the opposite intended effect, and make your company appear outdated and unpolished. If you prefer, invest in a professional videographer. You can save time and money by shooting enough video footage in a single session to last for the next few months. Planning well can allow you to batch 3 month of quality content in one day. 

Host Videos on Your Domain 

Publishing your videos on YouTube, Vimeo and other online platforms may attract traffic, but it won't necessarily improve SEO for your website. If you are trying to increase your sites online visibility, sending more people to YouTube isn't going to help make your Google ranking move higher. You can still harness a popular platforms audience by publishing the first portion of your video on their platform, and then encourage the viewer to go to your website to see the rest of the content.

Get Traffic Through Popular Social Media Platforms and Use Social Share Buttons 

After publishing the video to your website, make sure you're getting them in front of potential customers with social media. Include social share buttons on your web page as well so that people who discover your video can share it with their own friends and followers. 

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