Tips for Creating Your First Facebook Ad Campaign


Tips for Creating Your First Facebook Ad Campaign 

Social media has become omnipresent in our modern world, and Facebook is perhaps the most ubiquitous of them all. This famous platform provides pay per click ad campaigns with some of the most robust and rich features available online today. However, running your first campaign can quickly become overwhelming, and it's hard for businesses to know where to start. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes grow their businesses using digital advertising, content creation and advanced SEO techniques. Over time, we've acquired an extensive amount of knowledge, and know what it takes to create a successful ad campaign using Facebook. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help your first attempt go as smoothly as possible. 

Pick the Perfect Objective 

When you begin your ad campaign, Facebook will provide three different objectives to choose from: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. It's very important to make the right decision, because your choice will affect the way the campaign is viewed by Facebook users. Awareness is for exposing your brand to a new audience. Consideration will increase engagement, traffic, views, likes and follows. Conversion is for promoting specific offers, products and services and driving sales by acquiring new customers. While each pathway has its own benefits, it's important to choose the correct avenue for each individual ad campaign. 

Use Audience Insights

Audience Insights is what makes Facebook Ad's so effective. Businesses can use this feature to narrowly target very specific groups of people who will most likely be interested in your products or services. There are many different variables to choose from including age range, gender, language, interests, behaviors, demographics and more. When chosen properly, your insights can significantly increase the effectiveness of your campaign, and reduce your overall costs.

Choose the Right Offer

Make sure that each ad campaign provides a very specific offer. If you're trying to grow your Facebook following, ask them to like your page or join your group, and don't diverge from that goal. Presenting too many options in a single ad could cause people to do neither one. If you have multiple goals, it's better to split your ad budget into more than one ad campaign than to overwhelm Facebook users with too many prompts. 

Create an Outstanding Landing Page

If your goal is Conversion, and you are trying to bring traffic from Facebook to your website, make sure you are optimizing the landing page to the fullest. There's no point in spending money on their click, just to lead them into an abyss. Make sure that the landing page you choose is an exact match to the ad. Linking the wrong web page could cost your business big time. If you're selling a specific product, make sure it links directly to the product page. Are you running a holiday sale? Consider creating a page with featured items. Think ahead of time about what you want them to do once they get on your website, and be sure that the message they see is clear and simple to follow through on. 

Capture Email Leads

The unfortunate truth of any pay per click campaign is that many people will click to your site, but decide not to make a purchase. Don't make the mistake of dismissing these men and women. Sometimes a new client needs to have a stronger awareness of the brand. Sometimes a person is interested in your offer but they might be waiting until a specific date before they're ready to buy. Maybe they're tightening their budget right now, but would be more than willing to spend some cash a few months down the road. That's why it's essential for you to maximize your pay per click ads as much as possible by getting new traffic to sign up for your email list. If you show up weekly or even monthly in their inbox, they will be much more likely to buy from you in the future. Consider offering a "lead magnet" such as a downloadable ebook or toolkit, or offer a discount code or exclusive coupons for those who join your newsletter.

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