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Getting in the number one slot of Google search results is the holy grail of all small businesses. Being at the top usually leads to a major spike in new customer acquisition, and a steep rise in your companies' profits. It's no secret that content marketing is the best way to maximize a websites SEO potential, but doing it successfully requires much more than just throwing up a blog with meaningless words. In fact, having irrelevant content can drive customers away and even get your site landed on Google's naughty list. At iBoost, we know how to create the kind of writing that pushes your site closer to the coveted top ranking and converts traffic into paying clients. In order to create content that gets your business the results you want, follow these best practices. 


Creating quality headlines is important for SEO purposes. If the right keywords show up in your headlines and subtitles, you have a greater chance of ranking higher. However, the reason amazing headlines really work well for marketing, is because it converts passive traffic into enthusiastic consumers of your content. People are bombarded daily with an incredible amount of data to process. If someone is scrolling through their smart phone while waiting in line for their morning latte, they will only take those precious minutes to read your blog post if the headline reels them in. People don't become customers unless they get to your site, consume your content and become persuaded to purchase your product or services. 

Keyword Frequency and Density

Years ago, when the internet was still a babe, marketers thought they were being clever by stuffing keywords all over their client's web pages. The result was a bunch of sites that were full of spam and completely irrelevant to actual customers. Thankfully, for the integrity of all web surfers, Google fixed that problem for all of us. Now, it isn't enough to fill bland content with keywords and no substance. Instead, the algorithm actively penalizes websites that don't have the correct word density. Ideally, your keywords should make up less than 5% of your overall word count. If you use more than that, there's a big chance that Google will knock your page down from the front page to virtually undiscoverable. 

Page Links

Another way that Google ranks pages is by authority. The greatest way to prove your authority is by having both internal and external links to trusted and well established sites. It also helps tremendously if other sites link to yours, because this shows Google that other's trust your content enough to direct their own loyal readers to your information. This doesn't mean paying sleazy link building sites to spew your URL all over the world wide web. In fact, this could not only get you knocked down in rankings, but Google has been known to stop indexing these kind of sites all together. 

If this sounds a bit overwhelming, we understand. Keeping up with the latest trends in search engine optimization is hard work, especially when you're already trying to run a business. That's why iBoost provides quality and professional Content Writing Services.

If your company is ready to maximize ROI and boost sales, give us a call today. We know what it takes to create content that produces results. Set up an appointment with one of our SEO specialists today and find out how your business can benefit from our professional and affordable digital marketing services. 

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