3 Myths About Facebook Marketing


3 Myths About Facebook Marketing 

In today's competitive marketplace, having an active social media presence is more important than ever. By far, the most vital platform for businesses to utilize is Facebook. With over 2 billion users worldwide, your company has the potential to reach out to a third of the entire earth's population. Whether you own a small retail store or a multinational corporation, marketing on Facebook is a must. Unfortunately, many people don't prioritize social media, and neglect their Facebook profile. A lot of business owners and managers get lost in the day to day operations of their company, pushing Facebook posting and advertising to the backburner because they've bought into some of the myths. At iBoost, we help businesses of all sizes grow their online audience, improve their SEO and increase their online sales revenue. We hope to dispel three of the biggest Facebook myths here, so you can get back on track with your social media campaign and gain more customers. 

My Audience Isn't on Facebook

Many people hear this myth, and don't even bother to create a Facebook profile in the first place. Maybe you've never used Facebook personally, and aren't aware of the level of its popularity. Perhaps you think your businesses niche is too small, and there aren't enough social media users who would be interested. The truth is that when billions of people are using a website, there's bound to be a large group of people interested in your unique products and services. All it takes is a quick search on Facebook to discover hundreds of pages and groups dedicated to almost every industry on the planet. 

Bigger is Better

Another common misconception is that you must have a large following in order to be a successful Facebook marketer. While a big audience is always a bonus, you can still reach your revenue goals with a small number of loyal customers who follow your posts, videos and blog articles. In fact, Facebook has outstanding features that help businesses narrow down their audience to people who show active interest in the types of products or services you promote. This means that your ad dollars and blog posts will be more likely to convert to sales and generate followers who find your content relevant to their needs and lifestyle. 

More Money Spent Equals More Success

Having a massive advertising budget can certainly give your company an edge, but not every business is a million or billion-dollar corporation. In the past, advertising to a mass audience was only within reach to big business. Thankfully, the internet has officially changed the game, and now small businesses can have amazing successes, and reach their financial goals without an overwhelming marketing budget. The ability to narrow your ads to a specific target customer, you're able to achieve better results and higher conversion rates using with less money. 

Are You Ready to Reach Your Marketing Goals on Facebook? Contact iBoost Today

Is it time for your business to fully embrace Facebook marketing? Then get the help you need from the SEO and digital marketing experts at iBoost. We'll work one on one with you and your staff to create the perfect advertising solutions so you can reach your goals without sacrificing other priorities. 

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