The Worst Ways to Get Google's Attention

Google's algorithm has changed several times since its birth in 1998. The internet has also changed drastically, yet some webmasters and SEO companies have not been so great at keeping up with current rules and regulations. People with an outdated understanding of how Google indexes sites, may be surprised to wake up one morning and realize that they've been blocked from the world's most popular search engine. You can prevent such a disaster by hiring a reputable SEO company like iBoost and by not using the following techniques.


Link Purchasing

Buying links is a big no-no. JC Penny found itself in hot water in 2011 when Google discovered they had hired an SEO company that acquired top rankings by purchasing links. Thousands of links that directed searchers to clothing items were found on pages that had absolutely nothing to do with shirts and dresses. Google does not like their users to be tricked, and spamming the internet with links to your website in places where no one is actively searching for your products is a great way to get Google to give you the boot. 


Cloaking is a term used in reference to developers that present one set of information to the Google bots and an entirely different set for users. This is cheating, and Google doesn't like cheaters. If your site tells Google that your page is about iPads but in reality you sell wrenches, Google will give you a low ranking or maybe even block your site. 

Copy and Paste

One practice is copying text from your site and repeating it on other pages. Duplicating content is one of the quickest ways to make Google angry. Plagiarizing someone else's work is illegal, but even if you re-use your own words, you can still be penalized by Google. Make sure that you are using original content on every page of your site. 

Hiding Keywords

Years ago it became popular to "hide" keywords in web pages. For instance, some people would include visible text around the borders of the pages and match the color of the text to the background so it couldn't be seen. Using too many keywords that aren't connected to relevant information will get your site flagged and possibly deleted from Google's ranking system. 

Google creates their algorithms to benefit the men and women who use their search engine to find what they are looking for. If your site is misleading those users in any way, they won't let you fool anyone for long. Use relevant keywords, only use original content and make the user experience on your website something to be proud of. If it feels like your gaming Google, it's only a matter of time before you're found out. When that happens, you can bet that Google will make sure that no one can find you. Google doesn't reward laziness. So, if you want your target audience to quickly and easily find you online, make sure to hire an SEO company who does quality work and knows what will make your page rank high for the long term.

At iBoost, we only use tried and true techniques that help build a trusted relationship between your website and Google's users. When your company ranks high, it's because our team of experts keep track of the latest industry trends and algorithm's that will help your chances of finding customers the right way. Contact us today so we can help boost results for your business.