5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Small Business

Almost everyone uses social media. Grandma's, toddlers and even family pets have their own Facebook page and Twitter account. However, just because people have been using these sites for personal reasons, doesn't mean they know how to use them to generate clients and customers for their business. You may even know of another business owner in your area that had a post go viral in your local city and their revenue doubled almost overnight. Maybe you've tried to start a business page, and you've sent out a few tweets and posted a few articles, but you're not getting much attention. Don't throw in the towel, social media is an excellent way to connect with future clients, generate traffic to your website and increase sales. With help from the professionals at iBoost, we can use social media tools to skyrocket your potential. Here's only a few of the many ways that social media can help grow your business.


Improves the Quality of Your Customer Service 

Every business owner understands that their success can be measured by the level of customer loyalty. Cultivating relationships takes time, and one bad experience can sour years of hard work. Most of the time, the only thing a dissatisfied client needs is acknowledgment and a genuine effort to correct the mistake. Unfortunately, you can't do that if you're unaware that a problem exists. Sometimes people might leave a negative review on Yelp or Google, but if you don't check those accounts on a daily basis, you're probably missing them. Social media allows your customers to go straight to the source, post their concern and get immediate feedback from the owner or upper management. Someone will be notified instantly when someone leaves a comment on your businesses page - and their problem can be addressed right away, ensuring that the client retains their desire to work with you or buy from you again. 

Builds a Stronger Personal Relationship 

Building strong, personal relationships with customers is more important than ever before. Many small businesses have healthy competition. There's rarely ever one hair salon or plumber, even in the smallest towns. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you have to be the one that people remember when a problem arises. Social media really allows that to occur. Customers see your posts on their news feed, sandwiched between pictures of their niece's dance recital and their sister's summer vacation. If you post relevant, useful information they might even share your post with their friends and family, making them not only a client but an ambassador.

Gives You More Information About Your Customers 

Most social media channels have professional analytics tools that can give you a lot of information about your audience. For instance, Facebook Insights provides geographical and demographic information about the people who follow your page. It also gives powerful analytics data to show you what posts are being engaged with the most, which can help direct future marketing campaigns and increase conversion rates.

Sends More Traffic to Your Website

SEO or search engine optimization is important for your business. This allows a customer to type their problem into a search engine, and have your website pop up as the best solution. However, what about all the customers who aren't actively searching for their problem? What about the clients who aren't even aware that their issue exists? Social media is great for engaging customers in ways that traditional marketing techniques simply can't. 

Allows You to Better Target Your PPC Campaigns

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all examples of social media sites that have advertising available. Most of these ads are pay per click, meaning you pay a small amount every time someone clicks on the ad. These sites have powerful tools that can help you narrow and finely tune the audience that they show your ad to, which will help boost conversion rates and grow your chances of having a more successful campaign. 

At iBoost, we make it a priority to stay knowledgeable about the latest trends and changes on social media. We study all of the tools and have years of experience running pay per click campaigns and managing social media for businesses just like yours. If you would like a professional touch, that brings new customers to your doorstep, give us a call and get your free consultation today.