Should You Segment Your Email Subscribers?



Do you routinely send out an email once or twice a week, but no one seems to be viewing them? Are you spending hours creating detailed sales funnels, but your subscribers aren't going to your sales page? Has your email list grown to 10,000 but only a few hundred are remaining active customers? Then segmenting might be the perfect solution for you. At iBoost, we help businesses of all size increase their online reach using innovative and effective digital marketing and SEO strategies. Our experts enjoy helping our clients achieve their highest potential, and we want to help you do the same. Here are just a few reasons why segmenting might be a beneficial method for finally getting the results you've been looking for. 

How Does Segmenting Work? 

Segmentation involves organizing your email list into groups based on where they are at in their purchasing journey. This strategy allows you to avoid sending promotions for a specific product or service to a client who already purchased it. It also helps you target more specific campaigns to a subgroup of customers who are interested in a smaller niche of your business, so you don't waste their time on information or advertising they aren't interested in. The logistics of segmenting your email list, and the difficulty of implementing it, will depend largely on which email marketing platform you currently employ for your business. Most popular email software companies are aware of the popular demand of segmenting and will have created some way to segment your list, with varying degrees of ability and responsibility of the user. For example, in MailChimp, a business owner will need to manually create separate email lists and add the appropriate subscribers into one or more lists. In contrast, ConvertKit includes "tags" for every subscriber, and their software is designed to keep track of links that the subscriber has clicked on. This allows email marketers to provide options in their campaign, or offer multiple products, and then analyze subscriber's interests. ConvertKit users can then create automatic email campaigns or sales funnels that will send the appropriate series of emails triggered by the links they choose. Do extra research and don't be afraid to contact your email marketing provider and ask what options they have for segmenting your list. 

Which Businesses Can Benefit the Most from Segmenting 

All business can benefit from segmenting. A clothing boutique owner can send exclusive coupons to the customers she knows will want to take part in her Spring Dress Sale, without annoying customers that only shop for purses and shoes. A landscaper can make informed decisions about which service to promote during the winter season based on customer interest. The potential involved with segmenting is almost limitless. The question is whether a small business owner without a marketing department will have the time or experience necessary to develop a proper strategy. Segmenting can be overwhelming for someone who is just diving in, and small business owners are often juggling a lot of responsibilities. Some people are content with sending out a simple monthly newsletter. However, if you really want to maximize the free advertising power of your subscriber list, then segmenting is a good idea. 

Strategies for Segmenting Your Email List Successfully

There are countless ways that a creative company can implement segmenting to get the most out of their email campaigns, here are a handful of ideas for inspiration:

  • Use Lead Magnets to segment new subscribers into specific sales funnels
  • Ask your most loyal customers if they like a new product or service before you invest the cash and time.
  • Split test marketing strategies, sales copy and landing page designs. 
  • Reactivate subscribers who haven't been opening emails by sending content that's relevant to their personal interests and buying habits. 
  • Poll your customers about what kind of products and services they would be interested in, so you can narrow down next quarters inventory decisions. 
  • Reward frequently active subscribers with specialized coupons or exclusive content. 
  • And so much more…

Are You Ready to Grow Your Online Sales? Get Help from the Experts at iBoost 

Do you need help with your companies email marketing, digital advertising campaigns or SEO strategy? Then let the team at iBoost help you reach your goals. Our dedicated specialists are highly trained and ready to boost your online reach. Call our office today and find out what we can do for your company. 

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