SEO for Home Services

In today's highly competitive marketplace, quality SEO is more important for home service professionals than ever before. Every city in America has a local plumber, electrician, locksmith, HVAC, handyman, lawn service company and contractor. And they're all vying for the top spot on the world's most used search engines. Getting the coveted number one ranking can significantly increase the number of site visits, phone calls and appointments and could potentially skyrocket your business revenue. However, with everyone jumping on the world wide web, how can a busy small business owner win the game? Here's a few tips on how you can grow your customer reach and get the SEO results you're looking for. 


Use Local Keywords

Many people assume that their top keywords should be the ones that are used most frequently. While that may be true in some cases, generic keywords like "certified plumber" might not be the best choice for a local small business owner looking to compete against large corporate plumbing companies with national reach. Focus instead on using long tail keywords that include your service area, like "certified plumber in Atlanta" or "Atlanta plumber near me". 

Service Pages are a Must

Service pages are a great way to increase your rankings while providing valuable information to potential customers. Create a separate page for each service you provide. Be sure the content is rich and includes appropriate keywords and links. If you have a unique service that other local providers in your industry aren't currently offering, then your chances of ranking high for that keyword are even better.

Claim and Manage Business Listings

Your business information may exist already across multiple platforms like Google My Business, Bing and Yelp. If you haven't yet claimed these listings and begun properly managing them, you're missing out on free marketing that could bring in a lot of traffic. Also, if the information that is currently provided is inaccurate you might be creating distrust amongst customers in your area without even knowing. Imagine how frustrated a person might be if they find your listing on Google and try to call, but the phone number has changed. They attempt to go to your office, but the address is wrong, or the hours are incorrect. If your business name is attached to any outside platform or social media channel, you need to monitor the listing regularly and check for inconsistencies. 

Consistently Publish Quality Content

Adding a blog to your website can massively grow your customer reach. Not only does it make your site more attractive to search engines, it helps establish authority and converts traffic into paying clients. Imagine if a homeowner in your area is frustrated with a stubborn drain clog. They may want to do it themselves and won't be searching for a "local plumber". Instead they might look up "how to fix a drain clog". If your blog post can walk them successfully through the steps of clearing their drains, who do you think they will trust when a bigger plumbing issue surfaces? Establishing trust and positive relationships is the best way to gain new loyal customers. Publishing a weekly blog post can work wonders for organic rankings as well. 

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