Ranking Your Local Business in 2017

SEO Ranking in 2017

Millions of businesses across the country rely on Google's search engine pages to bring in a steady flow of customer traffic. When they make changes, it can severely skew the results that small businesses achieve from their SEO efforts. One such recent change is Google's 3 Pack for local search results. Once upon a time, when someone searched for a local plumber, a list of 7 featured local businesses would pop up. These listings included links to the company's website, business hours, phone numbers and more. When they made the switch, from 7 to 3, marketers and business owners were thrown into a frenzy. The moral of the story is that relying on a single strategy isn't always the best way to play the game. The world of online marketing is always in flux, and even the most stable of its foundations could change, and transform the rules overnight. Adaptability is the key to success in many arenas of life, and the world of SEO is no exception. If you're interested in expanding your horizons, and in turn discovering more potential customers, then we've got a few tips for you to implement to get your local business seen in 2017. 


Optimize for Voice Searches

Now that Siri, Alexa and Cortana have become everyone's favorite virtual assistants, voice searching is on the rise. More and more people are feeling comfortable making strange requests to their phone from a distance, even in public. When optimizing content for SEO, think about what kind of search terms people are likely to use vocally. This could give you a massive edge over the competition. 

Include "Near Me" in Your Keywords When Possible

Google now frequently autocompletes any mobile searches for local businesses with a "near me". This single action has caused a spike in the number of searches with the keyword term "near me". Many small businesses have not yet caught on, and have neglected to incorporate content into their site to accommodate this change. Be an early adopter and you could see a stronger flow of traffic coming your way. 

Don't Rule Out Using Ads in Conjunction with SEO

Organic SEO is by far the best long term strategy for increasing search engine rankings, particularly for small businesses with lower advertising budgets. However, it doesn't hurt to strategically use AdWords campaigns periodically to bolster your customer reach while you're implementing SEO strategies. They can work in tandem and support one another. 

Take Advantage of Google's Snippet Feature 

A snippet is when someone types in a query based search, and one of the results is at the top above all the rankings, with large portion of the page's content shown. Having your blog post, chart or infographic shared as a snippet could bring in a lot of traffic. While there isn't a guaranteed method of being chosen for a Snippet Feature, there are some common factors that many marketers seem to agree on. For instance, the snippets normally show when an internet user types a question into the search bar as opposed to a statement. For example, a homeowner looking for a solution to a clogged drain could type in a statement like, "drain cleaning company" or they could search for "how to unclog a drain". If you are trying to increase your chances of being featured as a snippet, the latter will likely be the best content choice. 

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