In House or Outsourced SEO?

The benefits of SEO for business is no longer debatable. At this point in time, ranking high in search engines is the best way for new customers to quickly and easily find your company. However, there is one question that seems hotly contested amongst entrepreneurial and executive circles. Is it better to invest in an in house SEO team, or should you outsource? Which option gives the best return on investment? The answer is that both have their benefits, and the best solution may vary depending on the size, direction and goals of your individual company. In this post, we've outlined the essential pros and cons of hiring staff dedicated to SEO, as well as highlighted the benefits of outsourcing the work to a reputable and professional organization like iBoost. 


In House Pros and Cons


Complete Control

When you use your own employees, you always have an eagle eye view of the projects, from ideation to analyzing the results after the campaign. You get to call all the shots, and have your employees answer to you on a constant basis. Having instant access to all aspects of the process can be helpful, particularly for large organizations where multiple departments must cooperate with one another in order to be successful. 

Leverage Current Employees

Rather than recruiting new employees, you can assign SEO tasks to individuals who currently work inside the organization. Larger startups and companies may have staff who are already in charge of digital marketing and content creation. If so, a few of them may be familiar with SEO practices and you can delegate your SEO needs without spending the money on an extra salary. 

Existing Company Culture and Knowledge

Having an in house team can be beneficial when the employees have a long history and loyalty to the company and its message. The people who are in charge of SEO for your business will have a deep understanding about your branding, and the value you bring to your customers, which may translate into better conversion rates and a high ranking in search engines. 


Extra Payroll

SEO is a vital piece of any businesses marketing strategy, which means you can't delegate such an important task to just anyone. That means you'll have to invest in a decent salary in order to attract someone who is willing to dedicate their skills to your company alone. According to PayScale, the average SEO specialist has a salary over $40,000. If you're a big corporation with money to spare, then that may be well worth the cost. However, many small business owners would have difficulty paying out that kind of money for one employee, particularly when there are so many other daily tasks that need to be tackled as well. 

Cost of Training

If you decide to avoid the costs of taking on a new employee, and instead delegate SEO to your current team, then you'll have to invest in education. The world of SEO is constantly advancing and it takes an equally consistent investment in resources and time to stay on top of the latest trends and algorithms that will keep your company at the top of the search engine results. 

Splitting Employee Focus

If you are assigning SEO related jobs to your employees, you'll be pulling them away from what they are currently focusing on. Considering that many members of your team are not specialists in SEO, then they may become resentful of the tasks that aren't related to their original job description. If you ask your marketing team to focus on SEO, then they may have to pull their focus away from other important goals and objectives, and your overall growth may suffer because of it. 

Additional Investment in Tools and Software

If you choose to hire or delegate SEO to an in house team, then you will also be responsible for purchasing the best software and tools to do a professional job. The rapid pace of the industry may mean investing big money on a software program only to find that it quickly becomes outdated. For an agency who focuses on SEO, this cost is a worthwhile investment. However, for other businesses, having this added expense may not be beneficial.

Why Outsourcing Can Be a Great Alternative

Outsourcing your SEO can be a great way to have the benefits of a dedicated SEO team on your side, without the extra hassle and costs of recruiting, hiring and training new employees. When you hire a professional SEO company, you don't have to pay for tools, software, education and a large salary. Outsourcing to a good agency is like getting your own personal SEO department without the overhead costs and the headache of managing one. This is particularly important for small to mid-size businesses who don't have the extra capital to invest in full time employees with the high level of experience that you will find at a reputable SEO company. 

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