Risk Averse Link Building


Risk Averse Link Building

It is the wish of every web builder, business owners, agencies and consultants to build quality links because it is the backbone of every SEO endeavor. Whether you’re a designer or a consultant, applying Risk-Averse Link Building strategies suggested by SEO professionals from iBoost will go a long way to helping you rank on major search engines and also avoid being penalized.

Building backlinks and successfully having an SEO campaign in 2018 is entirely different from who it used to be back in the days! Yes, there has being a lot of changes in Google's algorithms, and they are amazing when you know exactly what you’re doing. Therefore you need to get things right the first time, or you’ll find it difficult restoring your search engine rank in the foreseeable future.

Why are we saying this?

At iBoost, we have handled successful SEO campaigns for both small and big companies, non-profits, institutions and religious organizations. So, the methods and strategy we share in each article are tested and trusted, and it works!

You will read about tips on how to successfully embark on risk-averse link building and other strategies that will help you rank and retain your position on search engines.

Don’t be in a hurry.

It is a fact that backlinks are the foundation of every successful SEO campaign. Unfortunately, most designers or consultants like speeding the process so they could rank on Google or other search engines.

Yes, it is great to have such ambition, but if you skip the basics, your site will definitely bounce back to page 10 or be penalized.

So what are the SEO basics that will ensure you achieve your SEO goals?

Consider technically optimizing the site and evaluate the architecture

Most people go into link building and link acquisition without having a robust site architecture which is technically optimized. Your backlinks wouldn’t work if the site is not technically optimized and you can achieve this by:

  • Making sure your site is mobile friendly
  • Checking for site loading speed
  • Checking for 404 errors, 302 redirects and other conical errors
  • If you use a freelancer for the site content, check for both content duplication and META data.

Furthermore, you need to evaluate the site architecture to make sure internal links are distributed evenly. You can get further clarifications about site architecture and technical optimization from iBoost SEO professionals.

Use content-driven SEO approach.

Though risk-averse approach to SEO is time-consuming and expensive (depending on your budget) it can’t be compared with ranking your site with PBN backlinks and increasing your chances of penalty.

With Google's “sandbox” PBN back linking is no longer effective. Therefore, you need to adopt a content-driven SEO approach, that will ensure your website is ranked effectively.

Let your link building approach be moderate

Your link acquisition should be moderated. Don’t buy hundreds or thousands of links within one to two weeks. Though it will help you rank higher initially, they will ‘burst’ or bring down your site in the long run. Buy quality T’s links, social bookmarks, guest posts and let your link velocity be low.

Give exceptional value to readers

You must learn how to give value to your readers so they could stay longer on your site. If you have quality and well-researched content on your website, it will generate social shares and additional backlinks. 

There are other tips about Risk-Averse link building strategies, but iBoost SEO experts can only share that with you while discussing on the phone or communicating via email.

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