Why You Should Respond to All Google Reviews

Business owners and managers often have a very long to-do list. Which is why it can be difficult to maintain your Google page, much less take the time to respond to reviews. However, ignoring your customers online is the fastest way to lose loyal clients and keep away potential buyers. If a customer walked through the door of a retail location with complaints or praise for the product or service they received, you wouldn't want them to be ignored by employees. The same goes for online reviews. Some people feel they can cut corners by only responding to complaints, but doing so means missing out a lot of benefits. If you truly want to gain the most opportunity for customer outreach, it is essential that you respond to every one of your Google reviews, and here's why. 


Responding to Good Reviews

Nourish Customer Relationships

When a customer sees that you've responded to their positive review, it shows that you're willing to go the extra mile and have an open line of communication with them. In today's world, people demand authenticity and prefer to do business with companies that are approachable. By recognizing their positive comments, you're telling them you care about what they think.

Utilize an Extra Marketing Opportunity

If a customer is excited enough about your product or service to publicly praise your efforts, don't let the opportunity for another sale slip by. Maximize the value of your response by educating them on other services you may have or offer them a special discount. 

Improve SEO 

By using the right keywords in your response, you can improve the ranking of the customer's positive review. Be sure to use your business name, city and other vital information so that other internet users who may find the review can easily find your store or website. 

Responding to Bad Reviews

Show Your Customer You Care

If a customer has a complaint, the best way to totally sever your relationship is to ignore their problem. A dissatisfied customer who is angry enough to publicly post a negative comment on your business page has obviously suffered and their issue needs to be addressed. If you respond quickly to their post, you might be able to find a solution for them and create a loyal, happy customer in the process. Sometimes people are more than willing to go back and edit the review after being treated with respect and kindness, remember that a little effort can go a long way. 

Let Others Know Customer Service is Important to You

Don't forget that it isn't just the irritated customer that will see your reviews. Potential customers are likely to check reviews before spending money with a new business. If they see a negative review and there isn't a response, they will be less likely to trust you. After all, if they end up having a bad experience, they may not get help either. Even if the person who posted the negative review never responds, others will see that you have addressed the issue. That will show them you care about your customers and are willing to do what it takes to satisfy them. 

Need Help Managing Your Google Reviews?

Are you busy running your business and find it difficult to check, much less respond to your Google reviews? If so, the experts at iBoost offer quality, professional review management services for our clients. Contact us today and find out how we can help.