Retargeting Techniques that Can Raise Your Conversion Rates

The world of the internet provides an almost unsettling variety of ways for businesses to monitor and analyze customer habits. Most marketing and advertising efforts and their associated costs are focused on acquiring new traffic. However, if you’re not learning to integrate methods of retargeting lost clients, then you may be losing out on more sales. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes and industries find new ways to grow their online reach. We want to provide our clients with creative and innovate approaches to increasing sales and conversion rates. Read more to find out which retargeting techniques can help you achieve the same results. 


Audience Segmenting Based on URL Visits

One of the most effective ways to retarget customers is to segment visitors based on URLs. Create pages with unique URLs that are associated with your campaign focus. Google AdWords provides features that allow you to make remarketing lists based on the web pages that customers have already visited. This will ensure that those who came and left, will eventually see your advertisement again, and will make a purchase down the road when circumstances have changed in your favor. 

Funnel Based Marketing 

Funnel campaigns require extra effort in the planning stages, but when executed well, they can be incredibly beneficial for turning casual browsers into paying customers. Successful funnel marketing means leading customers down a series of gradual purchasing decisions. Many campaigns begin with a visitor’s commitment to a free or low risk offer, such as signing up for an email list or buying an entry level priced product or service. Depending on their choices, the subsequent emails they receive will be different, based upon which campaigns they’ve positively responded to, and which ones they’ve ignored or chosen not to opt in on. In order to perform funnel based retargeting campaigns, you’ll need to have a high-quality email marketing platform that offers specialized segmentation features.  

Push Notification 

Consider providing push notification options for your audience. A small pop up will ask your site’s visitors if they want to be notified when your company has fresh products or a new blog post. If they opt in, they’ll get a friendly reminder on their laptops or mobile devices every time you publish new content or upload a featured offer. This can bring them back to your landing page, and provide them with new opportunities to finalize a purchase. 

Implement a Frequency Cap on Individual Advertisements

Sometimes, new clients need to see an advertisement a few times to gain recognition of an unknown brand. However, when you have multiple marketing campaigns working in overdrive, you might be overwhelming potential customers with annoyingly repetitive ads. In these kinds of situations, your otherwise effective message might push away buyers instead of attracting them. Placing a frequency cap on retargeting campaigns will ensure that web users don’t see any one specific ad too many times in a single month. 

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