Reasons You Need to Verify Your Business Listings

Does your business make the majority of its sales from local customer? If so, making sure your business listings are accurate and verified is extremely important. Most today's consumers use their smartphones, tablets, and computers to find new businesses on the internet. More than likely, they are relying on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find the places where they want to spend their money. If your listings are incorrect or absent, then you may be losing many potential customers. Here's only a few of the reasons why you can benefit from verifying your company's business listings. 


Make Sure Your Customer's Have Accurate Information

If a customer does find your unverified listing and it has the wrong information it will reflect poorly on you. Imagine how a potential client would feel if they showed up at a different address or during hours when your doors were closed. Their frustration may cause them to never visit you again. People don't like to be waste their time or be disappointed. 

Improve SEO

Verifying your business listings on sites like Google or Yahoo can help boost your search engine rankings almost immediately. With so many consumers relying on the internet to find new businesses, it's more important than ever before to show up on the front page. The more competitors you have in your area, the more important having a high search engine ranking is to acquiring more loyal customers. 

Get on the Map

Again, in an age where people like to save time and energy by using technology, it's important for your business to be listed on map sites. If a potential customer is searching for a restaurant, retail store or salon that is the closest to them, they will likely use an online map to find it. Doing so makes it easier to narrow down their choices quickly and will give them easy to follow directions on how to get there. Don't miss out because your business doesn't show up on their screen. 

Gain Credibility

Improve your online reputation by validating your business listings. Neglecting to do so may make it appear as though you aren't conducting yourself in a professional manner. If there are similar businesses in your area who have their business' information listed on the sites that people regularly use, it could come across as immature. It may come across as if you don't take your company seriously, which will make others question whether or not they should take you seriously as well. 

Increase Mobile Ranking

Many people use their smartphones to look up local businesses. Verifying your listings will give you an almost instant boost in online mobile search rankings. This is important because so many of your target customers will be on the go when they make their purchasing choices. 

Low Cost Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly lucrative and essential for both online and brick and mortar businesses. Some companies spend millions of dollars in ad space to seek out new customers. In most cases, it won't cost you anything to verify your listings, but you'll see a significant increase in customer reach. 

Get Help from the Professionals at iBoost

Perhaps you have known the benefits of verifying your listings, but simply haven't had the time to do so. Many business owners and managers feel overwhelmed with responsibility and adding one more thing to the list can make tasks like this feel impossible. Don't miss the opportunity for increased online visibility. Call iBoost today and let our experts verify your listings for you. Contact us right away to find out how our services can help boost your business.