Questions to Ask Your Marketing Team?


Questions to Ask Your Marketing Team?

Developing a marketing strategy is essential to ensuring that your company achieves quality and consistent success. It can be disheartening to put forth a great deal of time, money and effort only to see lackluster results from your PPC campaigns, social media ads or blog posts. At iBoost, we provide premium SEO, web design and digital marketing services for companies of all sizes. We understand that it can be difficult to meet the high expectations of modern consumers, and our team knows firsthand how creating a solid strategy can provide many benefits for modern businesses. Here are some of the most important questions to ask your marketing team during your next strategy session. 

Who Are We Targeting?
In the early days of the internet, simply having a social media account or website was enough to gain some attention. Now, targeting is essential for those who want to be seen and heard through the crowd. Today’s top platforms have created incredible targeting features that allow you to customize each campaign to attract your ideal customer. 

What Can We Learn from Analyzing the Data?
Data and analytics software have made major advancements in the last few years. From Google Ads to Facebook Insights, every platform you use online provides a treasure trove of information that can be accessed with the swipe of a screen. Take advantage of the mountain of data by frequently looking at the numbers and adjusting your strategy accordingly. 

Are We Publishing Quality Content? 
Content creation has become a top priority for digital marketers. While keywords and a consistent publishing schedule are musts, your final product must also be compelling and relevant to your audience. Make sure that each blog post, video or social media image is captivating and creates a connection between your company and viewers.  

How Can We Retain Existing Customers?
In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it can be difficult to hold onto a customer after a one-time sale. If you want repeat sales, then you will likely have to work hard to bring them back to your website again and again. Discuss possible strategies such as ad retargeting, email list building, text message marketing and follow up calls. 

In What Ways Are Our Competitors Struggling? 
Pay attention to the ways that your competition might be falling behind. Do they have an outdated website? Is their social media following miniscule? Do they have a lot of negative ratings on popular review sites? By building strength in areas where they are weak, you can outpace the businesses that are most likely to attract your current and potential customers. 

Do You Need Help Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategies? Contact iBoost Today 
Have your recent marketing campaigns fell short of your expectations? Today’s business owners and managers have a lot of responsibilities, and small to medium sized businesses do not always have the resources available to hire a team of employees who can focus on digital marketing, search engine optimization or social media management. Let the experts at iBoost revitalize your online advertising and marketing strategy, so you can skyrocket your sales and improve your customer reach. 

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