The Power of Pinterest

Modern small business owners have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do they have to operate and manage daily operations but must also take on a lot of marketing tasks in an era of overwhelming competition. It seems that dozens of new social media platforms emerge and disappear quickly, making businesses cautious and confused about where they should put their energy. While Facebook and Twitter are certainly two of the most popular and effective sites for sharing your products, services, videos and blog posts, but there are other avenues you can take that have helped millions of entrepreneurs increase their sales and brand awareness. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes grow their online reach and improve their digital marketing efforts. Our team has discovered how helpful Pinterest can be for company growth in every industry and want to help you decide if it's time for you to start posting your own pins. 


The Benefits of Using Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular and longest lasting social media platforms on the internet. Bloggers can particularly benefit from the power of Pinterest, but there are also powerful features that can drive sales to product and sales pages as well. Pinterest stands out of the crowd for two major reasons, practical convenience and it's use as a search engine rather than communication platform. Other commonly used channels like Twitter or Facebook are used primarily as a way to share quick messages with everyone you know. They are a great way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. However, people come to Pinterest for an entirely different reason. People can spend hours every week, scrolling through various social media platforms, news channels and blogs. While web surfers used to keep track of their favorite sites with the bookmark feature on their browser, people simply consume so much information online that they need a better way to organize the treasures. Pinterest allows a way for men and women to create boards, where they can pin an image from the site as a reminder of the valuable places they've discovered via Google and Facebook. Pinners love to keep boards for everything from diy home renovation projects to holiday dessert recipes. The best part is that when someone pins your blog post or product page, it's because they intend to remind themselves about your brand, rather than just sharing it once and forgetting about it. Also, when people go to Facebook or Instagram, they usually mindlessly scroll through their feed and occasionally find something worth capturing their attention. Most people use Pinterest as a search engine and will look for a specific subject or item. This provides a much greater chance that your pins will be discovered by a targeted audience who will actually be interested in your offering. 

Tips on How to Maximize Your Pins 

  • Use Professional Quality Images with Modern Text Headlines
  • Use the Right Keywords, Just Like You Would on a Blog Post or AdWords Campaign
  • Join Public Pinterest Boards Related to Your Industry
  • Embed Share Buttons for Pinterest Directly in Your Blog Posts or Product Pages
  • Like and Follow Pins and Boards Made by People Who Would Be Interested in Your Brand
  • Utilize Promoted Pins and Buyable Pins for a Sales Boost
  • Share Your Pins on Other Social Media Sites Like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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