Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

In a world where information is at our fingertips and media is constantly in view, standing out from the crowd is harder than ever. There was a time when having a website was all you needed to attract online customers. Now, almost everyone has an online presence. More effort is needed to be seen in the sea of viral posts and flashy headlines.


Integrating Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content into your website is one way that businesses can grow their ranking. However, sometimes your digital marketing efforts need a boost. Guarantee that your business lands at the top of Google's first page with PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. In addition to dominating search engines, PPC can help your brand go viral by putting your company's name in the news feeds and playlists of potential customer's social media accounts. You can wait patiently for them to find and "like" your page - or you can guarantee it. 

At iBoost, we have the digital marketing experts and industry tools needed to catapult your business into the big leagues. 

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

Creates Brand Awareness

In the advertising world there is a term called effective frequency. It's used to explain how often a brand needs to get in front of the eyes of the public before people begin to recognize it. PPC is a great way to achieve awareness for your company. Remember, with pay per click advertising, you don't spend a penny unless someone clicks the link and goes to your website. Even if that person doesn't purchase anything, they have planted the seed of recognition and are twice as likely to notice your brand and buy from you in the future. Pay per click allows your business to be seen by thousands of people on the most popular sites on the internet. 

Highly Targeted

Traditional advertising has a lot of room for waste. Depending on which method you use, the Return On Investment (ROI) fluctuates wildly. Buying an ad space in the local newspaper or paying for a billboard is not a guarantee that enough people will actually see your ad. The most amazing part about using PPC ads is its ability to narrowly focus on the customers that are actually interested in products and services your company provides. By using powerful tools like Google AdWords - your company's ad will only be displayed when someone is already searching for a term that is unique to your industry niche. No more wasting your companies advertising budget on outdated practices that don't give results. At iBoost, we use the industry's leading keyword research tools and we have a deep understanding of the complicated algorithms used by Google, Facebook and other popular sites. 

Fast Results

Another disadvantage of traditional advertising is the amount of time it takes to run the campaign and monitor its effectiveness. If clients see your ad, what are the chances they will take immediate action the moment they are introduced to your brand? Chances are your blurb in the newspaper is being seen at a time when the reader is in a hurry to eat breakfast and run out the door, or on a lunch break where they would rather spend their time scanning the news articles or getting an update on the latest local election. In other words, your high end clothing boutique is not really on their radar when they come across your ad. However, if someone who lives in your city goes to google and types in "[your city] stores that sell Gucci" and your store's ad is at the top of the search results - they are more likely to immediately make a purchase from your online shop or get in the car and visit your store. PPC advertising is vastly more productive and cost effective than conventional techniques.

Get your businesses' brand in front of the right people. Get advertising on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and only pay when someone clicks to your site. Send more traffic to your company by investing in Pay Per Click management services from iBoost.