Optimizing Your Website for Voice Search


You may have noticed that voice searching has surpassed the early adoption phase. In just the last few years, the popularity of devices like Alexa and Google Home have skyrocketed. Unfortunately, many businesses aren't yet implementing tactics to use this innovative change to grow their traffic. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes improve their digital presence and increase online sales using the latest SEO and marketing techniques. In this blog post, you'll learn why voice search is changing the way people browse the web, and how you can adjust your content to keep pace and stay at the top of the search results page. 

Why Implement Voice Search Optimization for Your Business?

More than 60 million Alexa and Google Home devices have been sold over the past two years. In addition, smart phones, tablets and laptops also come with voice recognition capabilities. More and more people are turning to voice search for convenience. Whether they're driving to work, at the gym or cooking dinner in the kitchen, voice technology allows online users to find what they need without stopping. In today's busy world, that's an extremely valuable tool to have. If you aren't optimizing your google business page, blog posts and social media profiles to accommodate customers who prefer voice search, you could be losing sales. 

What is Unique About Voice Search?

While the search algorithms for sites like Google remain the same, certain devices and voice recognition software may change the way the results are offered to web users. In addition, the way that people search with speech is often very different than text. Keyword phrases are generally longer, conversational and more detailed. People also have a tendency to use a question for search, since they are asking "Alexa" or "Siri" for the answer. 

Ways to Leverage Voice Search to Grow Your Audience

When publishing written content, you may consider adding words like "who, what, when, where", why and how in the title or subheadings. It's also important to direct the customers to the right location based upon which type of question they're asking. For instance, if someone is asking œwhere, then they are looking for a physical location. This phrase can be used as an opportunity to attract local buyers through your service page, menu or product list. On the other hand, questions that start with "how" or "what" can be used as keywords in blog posts and tutorials that can attract people interested in your offerings. 

Voice search is also frequently used by drivers, making it great for local marketing. The key to success for capturing such opportunities is to have an updated and optimally completed Google My Business listing. Also, using phrases like "near" me can drive your information up to the top spot. For this reason, it's also important to use the name of your city or neighborhood in published information and to include your address on your public profiles and each page of your website. 

Need a Digital Marketing Expert? Get Help from the Experts at iBoost

Are you ready to optimize your digital marketing for voice search? Contact the team at iBoost today and we'll help you achieve your SEO goals. 

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