Online Marketing Tips for 2021


Online Marketing Tips for 2021

A lot of changes took place in 2020 and the digital marketing industry was no exception. Navigating the world of online advertising post-COVID can feel overwhelming for a lot of businesses. Thankfully, there are a lot of promising trends in store for 2021 that can help companies continue to grow their audience and bring in more sales than ever before. At iBoost, we provide premium digital marketing, SEO and web design services for businesses of all sizes. Our team enjoys helping clients find new ways to improve their site traffic and attract more customers.


Brand allegiance has been a little rocky due to lockdown restrictions and other irregularities in the marketplace. Since many customers are staying home more often, they may not remember some of their favorite restaurants, retail stores or service providers. Make sure that you are continuing to reach them through social media, email and other avenues. Make communication easy and straight forward by making yourself accessible with text messaging, contact forms and instant chat features. 

Interactive Content

Today’s customers prefer to develop more connections with the companies they support. One way to improve client retention is through producing more interactive content. While blogging and social media posts are still essential ways to boost SEO and gain traction on popular sites, consider broadening your horizons with zoom sessions, livestream events, quizzes and contests that inspire customers to participate in your company’s success rather than sitting on the sidelines.  

Local SEO 

Millions of people have ditched their daily commute and now work from a home office. This means they are more likely to opt for products and services that are only a short distance away. Local SEO has never been more essential for reaching customers that live and work close by. Be sure to keep your Google business information up to date and use keywords that include the name of your city and neighborhood. 

Social Media 

The use of social media has never been as robust. Many businesses are taking advantage of the continued popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social media platforms allow businesses to grow their audience, re-engage existing customers and interact with fans, making it an essential digital marketing strategy. Be sure to keep providing quality content, remain active in the comment section of your posts and design effective advertising campaigns to maximize the incredible opportunities offered in this area. 

Voice Search

Voice search is becoming more popular every day. Make sure you are optimizing your content for voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa to reach more customers. People often use different keywords when searching by voice rather than typing, so do your research when selecting the phrases that will most likely be used by your target audience. 

Do You Need Professional Digital Marketing and SEO Services for Your Business? 

Are you looking for experts that can help you create the perfect digital marketing strategies for 2021? Then get the professional care you need today from the team at iBoost. Our specialists offer high quality web design, SEO and online advertising services that can help you reach new heights in the coming year. 

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