Marketing for Businesses in Competitive Industries

Marketing for Businesses in Competitive Industries

Running a small business is already a tough job. However, it can be even more of a struggle when you own or manage a company in a highly competitive market. Whether you sell products that are widely available in other retail stores, serve customers at a coffee shop, or offer common services like plumbing and electrical maintenance, it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve. At iBoost, we enjoy helping businesses of all sizes find innovative ways to reach new customers. Our digital marketing and SEO professionals want you to be successful. That’s why we’re offering a few tips and tricks to help you rise to the top of the competition. 


Get Relevant Pages to the Top of the Search Engine Results Page

In today’s technologically advanced world, almost everyone gets information about new products or services online. Most online users turn to Google when they want something, and if you can get in front of their eyes first, you’ll be more likely to gain a new customer. However, achieving this takes effort. A combination of Google Ads and organic SEO will help more people find your website and physical location. 
Be Strategic About Ad Targeting

When you run advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook or any other platform, take time to properly target your ideal audience. If you want local business, then it doesn’t make since to waste your marketing budget on customers that live 500 miles away. Likewise, if you are selling a specific product to a national or international audience, there’s no reason to attract customers that aren’t already interested in your items. Search engines and social media companies have developed incredible targeting features, so be sure to maximize its value. 

Expand into New Markets

If your current offerings are completely saturated, then consider dipping your toes into new markets. This could give you an edge by providing additional products or services that your competitors don’t offer. For instance, a plumbing company might choose to offer HVAC repair and installations, a landscaping business could extend their service area to small rural communities, a skateboarding company might start selling BMX bikes or a restaurant can provide professional catering and party packages. Get creative and find new ways to break the mold, doing so will set you apart and bring in an entirely new set of satisfied clients. 

Decrease the Bounce Rate on Your Website

Some companies treat their website as a place to dump information about the business, leaving their audience to sort through the mess. Be sure that your website is responsive, modern and mobile friendly, since most users search Google on their phone or tablet. Also, you’ll want to make your site easy to navigate, so customers can find what they want quickly. And most importantly, always use a quality call to action displayed prominently on every page. This will help direct potential clients to the next stage. If you are a service-based business, leave your phone number, address and a contact form so they can schedule an appointment. Restaurants may have a number or form available for ordering a meal to go or scheduling a reservation. Never waste an opportunity to convert your passive traffic into paying customers. 

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