SEO For Restaurants | Make Your Restaurant the Busiest Place in Town with SEO

Make Your Restaurant the Busiest Place in Town with SEO

Many businesses can easily adapt to the trend towards digital shopping by creating online stores and selling to a wider, international audience. However, when it comes to the hospitality industry, there is no way to avoid attracting local customers. Independent restaurants, cafes and coffee shops are particularly susceptible to the shift towards digital marketing. At iBoost, we help businesses across the country find innovative ways to grow their online reach using effective search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies. Are you losing customers to big store chains with large advertising departments? Here are some tips that can help you climb to the top of Google’s search list, and fill your tables with loyal clients. 


Use Restaurant Related Keywords 
Today, most people use their smart phone, laptop or tablet to find a new place to eat. Because they will likely search Google or social media using words like “restaurant”, “coffee shop” or “diner”, it’s important to use the appropriate terms as often as possible on your web pages, articles and posts.

Get Specific
In addition, be sure to get specific about the kind of cuisine offered. When someone is ready to eat, they’ll often search in terms of food types, for example “steakhouse”, “seafood” or “Thai food”. Keep this in mind when posting content, creating ad campaigns or updating your website. 

Master Local Search
Again, finding local clients is vital for the success of a customer. People don’t want to drive far to grab a quick lunch or take their family out for dinner. The majority of your customers will live or work within just a few miles of your location. Make sure you’re taking advantage of your Google Business page and that your address, store hours, phone number and website link are all easy to find and up to date. When establishing a digital marketing campaign, or writing SEO content, include street names, neighborhoods and popular nearby attractions so it’s easy for local residents and visitors to find you. 

Be Social
Use social media regularly. Having a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is a must in today’s tech obsessed world. Facebook and Instagram users love to show off their food with pictures. Stay on top of trending hashtags that are relevant to your industry and consider creating contests that encourage clients to share posts from your location with your own hashtag. You can also offer exclusive coupons and insider info that only your social media followers can find. This will keep them coming to your page and website, and in turn will boost your sites reputation with search engines. 

Ask for Reviews
Google’s algorithm shows preference to companies with a lot of positive reviews on their platform. Encourage your current customers to support your restaurant by leaving feedback on your Google’s business page and social media profiles. 

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