Make Your Ecommerce Site SEO Friendly

Having great products alone won't grow your business. You must attract loyal, paying customers to increase sales and company revenue. If you have an ecommerce site, it's important to stay ahead of the competition by continually improving your websites SEO. It can be difficult for business owners and managers to stay on top of the latest algorithms and digital marketing trends while also trying to maintain the daily operations of their business. In order to help ease your struggle, here's a few of the best ways you can make your ecommerce website SEO friendly today. 


Use the Right Keywords

Using the right keywords is essential to your SEO success. Still, in such a competitive marketplace, it can be overwhelming to know how to choose them and where they should be included. Finding appropriate keywords requires a little hunting and research. Thankfully there are tools available, such as Google Keyword Planner, that can streamline the process. 

Publish Quality Content

Be sure that your body text contains proper keywords, but remember to stay balanced. Too many keywords with too little context can make it harder to rank. Your text needs to be relevant, valuable and enjoyable for internet users to read. Creating great content with keywords carefully used throughout is the best way to climb the SERPs and convert traffic into loyal customers. 

Get Rid of Messy URLs

Many people neglect to use keywords in their URLs. Often, the URL of a blog post or product page is a jumble of randomized letters and numbers. Instead, use a keyword in your page's URL. For example, if you own a  women's clothing boutique and publish a blog post about "Fashion Tips for the Fall Season", your URL shouldn't look like this: but rather

Links and Anchor Text

When using links, both internal and external, it is helpful if the highlighted portion of the hyperlink contains quality keywords that are relevant to the site the reader will be directed to. Linking to the manufacturer of some of your products can help build authority for your site as well. 


If you haven't switched to HTTPS from HTTP, it's important to do so right away. Even if you don't sell products on your site, Google gives preference to sites that are more secure. HTTPS will help improve your ranking, help protect against hackers and increase customer trust. If you do sell products, then this becomes even more essential. Buyers don't want to give you their credit card numbers, bank account information or mailing address to businesses that aren't professional enough to guarantee their site is secure. 

Product Images and Descriptions

Be sure to optimize the data for your images. This is helpful not only on for products, but for pictures used on the home page, blog posts and category pages as well. If you sell products on your website, be sure to include appropriate keywords in your product descriptions. This will help your product appear when someone is searching for your specific item on a search engine. When creating your descriptions, think about the kinds of words that may be associated with your product. 

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