Keywords Research Tips For SEO


Keywords Research Tips For SEO

The foundation of SEO is still effective keyword research although other factors like flow, content readability, social signals and the updated Google algorithms should be considered – keyword research and effective implementation is still the key.

There’s nothing so profitable than mastering the art of finding awesome keywords and using it to develop content that is informative and engaging as well.

As a matter of fact, some experts describe keyword research as – the first step to successful market research in the 21st century.

So the question becomes – how do you take advantage of keyword research to get more traffic to your website, get leads and make additional sales?

Follow the tips shared by iBoost in this article and benefit from more search engine traffic.

Brainstorm before using any keyword research tool

Don’t go buying or subscribing to keyword research tools without brainstorming to understand the needs of your customers and how your products or services can be beneficial to them. Asking some of these personal questions might help:

  • What questions are in the mind of my typical readers?
  • How will my content help solve my potential customer's problems?
  • How can I make my readers come back for more?

Review your products or services to know if they will answer the above questions and check out the websites of your top competitors for answers.

In a nutshell, you can only reap the rewards from your keyword research if you could put yourself in the shoes of your readers.

Focus on keywords with higher average monthly search

Now is the time to get an excellent keyword research tool, we recommend the Google Keyword Planner (GKP) for beginners.

Search the GKP and get all the keywords that have higher average monthly searches. This is a fundamental key to getting more traffic from Google. You can also contact iBoost for more tips on how to use this tool to achieve results.

Consider the business side of keyword research

The purpose of your website or blog is so important when you’re considering the business part of keyword research.

If your blog is about politics or celebrity gossip, you don’t have to worry – all you need to do is get keywords in that niche that has extensive average search per month like – the latest tweets or speech of President Trump or activities of Kim Kardashian!

You’ll get a lot of traffic, and they will probably click on the adverts on your blog so you could make some money!

In case you are marketing products or services, your keywords should only attract those ready to make purchases with their credit cards. You should be considering keywords like – best summer shoes, summer shoes for ladies, affordable shoes etc.

You can use content mapping strategies to align these keywords and create new pages or blog posts for them.

You can also use one of Google’s digital marketing tools – think with Google to learn how the internet impacts the consumer journey.

Use the keywords in the headings and bullet points

It’s necessary you learn how to use your keywords in the title of every page or blog post in your website. Use the primary keyword in your headline and also input the secondary keywords in the bullet points.

Try as much as possible to put the primary keyword in your Meta title and don’t stuff your content with keywords.

Experts from iBoost will share more tips about keywords in our future articles but implementing the ones in this article will help rank your site above the competition. 

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