Is TV Advertising Still Effective, Relevant, and Worth It?


Is TV Advertising Still Effective, Relevant, and Worth It?

In the past, television was one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Now that consumers have access to a wide variety of technologies like cell phones, tablets, smart TV’s and computers, the number of hours that Americans watch live TV seems to be falling. This transition has created a lot of anxiety in the world of business, as owners and managers begin to question whether TV advertising is still worth the investment. At iBoost, we provide premium SEO, web design and digital marketing services for companies of all sizes. Are you wondering whether you should include TV advertising in your marketing budget this year? Consider the following information before making a final decision. 

Television vs. Streaming Platforms 
When using the term TV advertising, it is important to differentiate between traditional live TV and modern streaming sources such as Netflix, Apple TV, Roku or Hulu. Technically, marketing to the audience on these platforms would be a form of digital advertising. TV ads are referring to conventional television including local channels, cable and satellite services. 

Do American’s Still Watch Live TV? 
It may seem like the arrival of the internet has made TV a relic of the past, but this is not the whole story. While younger audiences have largely adopted alternative viewing options, adults aged 25 and older are still consuming an average of 5 hours of live TV per day. The amount of live television watched per week continues to rise for middle aged consumers, who still control as much as 70% of the disposable income in the United States. So, if your target audience is 50 or over, then TV advertising may be more effective. 

Why It Is Important to Take a Balanced Approach to Modern Marketing 
While TV advertising may continue to have relevance in the coming years, it is important to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. In fact, Baby Boomers, which makes up a large percentage of live TV viewers, also spend a significant amount of time online. Whether they are searching Google, checking emails or scrolling through their social media pages, digital marketing is essential for grabbing their attention in today’s highly competitive marketplace. The best way forward is to adopt a balanced approach to advertising. While businesses need to prioritize their website design, search engine rank, Google Ads and social media campaigns, that does not mean they have to completely abandon traditional marketing methods. Each company is unique and should customize their advertising plan to include the techniques that work best for their specific customers. 

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