Is SEO Really That Important for Brick and Mortar Stores?


Is SEO Really That Important for Brick and Mortar Stores?

Are you the owner or manager of a brick and mortar retail store? Many small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the enormous consumer shift towards eCommerce. Thousands of retail shops across the country have had to close their doors, simply because they weren’t sure how to get noticed amidst the sea of online competition. At iBoost, we help businesses of all sizes find new ways to reach customers using the latest SEO and digital marketing techniques. Here are just a few of the reasons why SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is important for brick and mortar stores. 

Acquiring New Customers

There may be thousands of potential new customers who live within 20 miles of your retail store. They might even be purchasing products that are similar to the items that are available on your shelves, because they don’t know you exist. In today’s busy world, people rely on their routines to stay on task. Maybe they rarely visit your side of town, or they drive on parallel streets to get to and from work. While they might be missing your billboards or local newspaper ads, they’re guaranteed to notice your business when your website is listed at the top of their Google page. 

Retaining Existing Client Loyalty

Modern customers are much less committed to brands than they used to be. With increased accessibility to competitors around the globe, it can be difficult to convince your existing clients that they should continue shopping at your store. If they aren’t seeing your website, there’s a greater chance they’ll be tempted to switch to a business whose product page is listed first in the search results. In contrast, having a high-ranking URL will increase brand recognition, and help you retain the loyalty of existing customers. Someone who purchased an item from your retail shop two years ago will be reminded of your incredible business the next time they’re looking for products online. 

Expand Your Offerings to Include Online Purchases

Are you relying on in person sales to keep your business afloat? Why not embrace the trend of online shopping by adding a store to your website. Doing so will significantly boost your search engine optimization, since your product pages will be listed on Google. You can increase your overall sales by shipping your items to buyers around the world. You might also be surprised how many more local customers will arrive at your brick and mortar location, simply because they frequent your online store and realized they lived close by.  

Are You Ready to Improve your SEO? Contact the Experts at iBoost Today

Is it time to improve your website’s SEO? There’s no reason to wait. Get the help you need by contacting the team at iBoost. We offer a wide variety of services for businesses across the country including web design, search engine optimization, digital marketing and social media management. Our experienced professionals are ready to help you reach your goals. 

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