Internal Link Strategies to Increase Your Search Engine Rank


Link building is often a top priority for companies who are trying to increase their search engine ranking. However, they remain focused on links leading to and from other sites while totally neglecting their internal link strategy. Creating quality internal links is essential to making your blog posts, product pages and other content accessible for people searching online. If you don't want your hard work to get lost in the chaos, it's important to remain strategic about how, where and what links are used on your site. If the search engine bots can't find your page, then there's a good chance that web users will also have a difficult time. At iBoost, we help businesses across the country stand out from the crowd and increase their customer reach online. Over the years, our team has learned a lot about the power of internal links and how they can be used to get the best SEO results. 

Analyze Which Pages Are Already Ranking Well and Which Ones Need a Boost

Take advantage of today's powerful digital tools by using them to analyze your published web pages. Find out which pages are already doing well. Which blog posts are getting the most traffic from organic search results or social media shares? Then look at the pages that have become a virtual wasteland. See if there are any creative ways that you can place a link to your less active pages from those that are already getting a lot of attention. 

Place Your Most Important Internal Links Close to the Top 

The faster the search engine spiders can crawl from page to page, the better chances you'll have at ranking higher. If you only have a single internal link in your blog post, and it's buried at the bottom of the page, it may not yield the results you were looking for. Also, there's a good chance that readers who happen upon your site won't get all the way to the bottom. It's important to include the most vital links above the fold or in the first few paragraphs, and sprinkle others evenly throughout the rest of the content. 

Create a Quarterly or Annual Content Calendar and Plan Links Ahead of Time

Playing it by ear can cause you to miss a lot of opportunities for link building. Planning your content out over time will ensure that you're already aware of which product launches, offerings, blog posts and videos you'll be placing on your site. Every time you plan, or create a blog post or other piece of content, think about any relevant or similar web pages that readers would be interested in. Always include links to these pages and you'll increase your SEO and keep your audience engaged for longer. 

Ready to Get Your Website to the Top of Popular Search Engines? Contact iBoost Today

Running a business requires a lot of responsibility. Most owners lack the budget to hire an entire digital marketing department, and don't have time to do it all themselves. However, ignoring SEO and other opportunities means you're losing out on finding new customers. Let the experts at iBoost give you the best of both worlds. Increase your visibility online, grow your revenue and save more time and money without the stress or cost of extra overhead. Contact the team at iBoost today to find out what our premium services can do for your company. 

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