Increase Your Sales by Improving User Experience on Your Website

In today's highly competitive marketplace, simply having a website isn't enough. While the "build it, they will come" philosophy may have worked over a decade ago, the current customer landscape requires much more effort. There are countless companies who spend a small fortune every month on digital advertising, funnel creation and complicated marketing campaigns, yet watch with a heavy heart as sales stagnate or even decline. Getting traffic to your site might seem like an important metric, but if those numbers aren't converting to more cash in the bank, then something is missing. Improving user experience is one of the fastest and effective ways to raise your conversion rates and revenue. However, for those without experience in professional web design, it isn't always easy to know which techniques to employee to get the results they want. At iBoost, we help businesses around the country grow their customer reach. It's our wish to help companies understand the importance of having a great website, so we would like to share a few tips that can help your business see a positive shift in sales conversions.


Get Rid of the Clutter and Leave Room for White Space

The early days of web surfing featured bad webpages that were full of distractions and provided little value. Unfortunately, there are a disturbing number of sites that haven't updated their design since the late 90's and it shows. Modern internet users have more discerning tastes and flashing images or cluttered sidebars will make your company seem out of touch and unprofessional. While it may be tempting to fill up every square inch of your site with information and sales pitches, those kinds of tactics will overwhelm and scare off most of your traffic. Streamline your site by cleaning house and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Don't be afraid of white space. Simple, yet elegant placement of images and sales copy will allow the reader's eyes to breath and give their mind a chance to take in the information that's most relevant. In turn, they will absorb the value of your sales pages and blog posts and be more likely to make a purchase or schedule an appointment. 

Optimize Your Call to Action

A lot of business owners are afraid of coming across as too "salesy" and avoid using a call to action. However, when people are scanning pages and quickly looking for a new product or service, they want to be directed. Your potential customers will appreciate being gently led through your site and shown what step to take next. If you leave things to chaos, there's a chance they can get lost in the madness and go to a competitor that is more direct about their offerings. It's important to use phrases like "Buy Now" or "Call Today to Schedule Your Next Appointment". Buttons and bold links will help them know where they're going and ease them into the idea of picking up the phone or filling out their credit card information. 

Be Selective with Your Menu Options

You don't want to give your audience too many places to go. Having too many choices can feel disorganized and someone looking for plumbing services or their first snowboard might not be educated enough about your industry to confidently navigate through a hundred different pages. Be careful when creating your menu and use your space wisely. The idea is to direct the flow of traffic to the most relevant location for them. They need to be able to find what they're looking for quickly and without problems. 

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