Importance of Reviews for Google Local Service Ads


Importance of Reviews for Google Local Service Ads

Have you signed up for Google Local Services Ads only to be disappointed by the results? While you have less competition when focused on local advertising, there are still likely to be a lot of competitors, regardless of your industry. As a result, it can be difficult to make your company stand out from the crowd. One way you can skyrocket your ranking is to understand the role of reviews. The experienced professionals at iBoost proudly offer a wide range of premium services for businesses of all sizes, including web design, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and Google Local Service Ads management. If you’re interested in learning how reviews can make or break your Local Services Ads performance, then read below for some helpful information. 

Why Google Reviews Are Important for Modern Businesses

The majority of modern shoppers turn to online reviews to make choices about their purchases. Since Google is one of the most trusted names in today’s marketplace, many will browse through the reviews on your My Business page before making a final decision about where to spend their money. In addition, having a higher star rating can also boost your SEO and can affect your ranking with Local Services Ads. 

Google Verified Reviews vs. Reviews from Other Sources

If a customer hires a company via Local Services Ads, then their review will come with a Google verified label. Occasionally, there will be reviews listed that have not been verified, and these are often pulled from reviews placed on the Business Profile page or another affiliated website. Note that reviews can also be left anonymously, as Google does offer the option of identity protection while posting a review. While there won’t be a name associated with the review, they are asked to provide information regarding the date of the service and what kind of service was provided. Keep in mind that reviews collected with Local Services Ads can’t be deleted, even after a provider decides to leave the program. 

How to Get Reviews

Only some of the customers received through Google Local Services Ads will choose to leave a review. Since reviews can help push your business to the top spot and therefore bring more consistent web traffic, it’s a good idea to encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews when possible. You can use your custom Google review link provided to invite customers to leave a review. This link is provided when you sign up for Local Services Ads. Also, once you mark a lead as a booked client, you can ask them for a review. 

Do You Need Help with Your Google Local Services Ads? Contact iBoost Today

Are you interested in learning more ways to improve your customer reach using Google Local Services Ads? Whether you’re looking for more reviews or you’re struggling to get started, the team at iBoost is ready to help you reach your company goals. Contact our office for more information about our web design, SEO, and digital marketing services. 

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