Importance of Google Local Service Ads

Importance of Google Local Service Ads

Are you the owner or manager of a local service-based business? Then you might be missing one essential online advertising avenue that could skyrocket your revenues. Google’s Local Service ads, also known as LSAs, can provide the extra traffic you’ve been looking for. The team at iBoost enjoys providing professional digital marketing services for our clients including Google Guaranteed Ads management and Google Local Service Ads management. If you’re unsure whether LSAs could benefit your company, then read below to learn about the most exciting benefits available to those who invest in Google Local Service Ads management services. 


Increase Traffic and Online Visibility

When your listing makes it to the top of the search results page on Google, you can enjoy more visibility online, which often translates into more traffic and more sales. This is true for all businesses, not just those in the ecommerce space. Service-based businesses and brick and mortar stores can also receive more traffic and interest from their local community via extra appointment bookings or in-store purchases. 

Save Money on Advertising 

With Local Services ads, markers can enjoy a much higher rate of return on their investments over traditional pay-per-click ads. That’s because lSAs only charge for an ad when a customer sees the ad, and reaches out for more information. Google protects businesses from having to pay for unviable leads that may arise from time to time due to the use of bots, solicitations, incorrect information provided or interest in a service that isn’t advertised or isn’t available in the customer’s location. 

Precision Targeting 

Local Service advertising also offers incredibly precise targeting features that will narrow down your audience to those who live in your area and are likely to want the services you provide. Companies can provide specific zip codes to further boost sales in a slow area, or to encourage a certain neighborhood to increase their interest. 

Utilize the Google Guarantee Badge 

A Google Guarantee badge is designed to protect customers from bad services they may receive from a service booked through Local Service ads. This provides an excellent opportunity for those who may be timid about committing to a service appointment more confident in their investment. Best of all, this extra feature is given free of charge. Google has chosen to offer this badge to prevent spam listings, and ensure that consumers won’t be scammed out of their hard-earned money. While businesses with a Google Guarantee badge must meet specific qualifications in order to participate, it is well worth the effort. Our team offers Google Guaranteed Ads management services to facilitate your success. 

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