How to Use Pinterest Ads?


How to Use Pinterest Ads?

Modern business owners are often aware of the important role that social media plays in digital marketing. However, one of the most under-utilized platforms is Pinterest. At iBoost, we offer premium SEO, digital advertising and web design services for companies of all sizes. We enjoy helping our clients find new and exciting ways to reach a wider audience, and our team wants you to have the same great results. Have you heard of Pinterest before, and are wondering if advertising on the popular website will be worth the effort? Read below for some helpful information. 

Why Should Businesses Consider Advertising on Pinterest? 

Pinterest boasts over 442 million users, making it one of the most valuable advertising platforms on the internet today. However, it isn’t just the impressive number of fans that make Pinterest a great avenue for reaching new customers. On other social media sites, posts are liked, replied to and occasionally shared with friends. However, the intention of the audience is not to keep the post available for future use. Pinterest users pin posts to boards specifically because they want to organize interesting blog posts, products and information so they can easily return to view it again and again. Better yet, once a post has been pinned to a board, followers of that profile can pin it to their own boards, and the process continues. For this reason, the lifespan of a Pinterest pin is much longer than that of an Instagram post or Tweet. 

Ad Types Available on Pinterest 

There are several ways that a business can advertise on Pinterest. This offers a lot of flexibility for individuals and companies that work in various industries. Here is a list of the different Pinterest Ad Types to consider: 

  • Promoted Pins
  • Video Pins
  • App Pins
  • Promoted Carousels 

The various promoted pins help companies narrow their focus on specific audiences, and to utilize their favorite form of media. Carousels are a unique way to promote multiple pins because they allow advertisers to add up to five different pins that users can swipe through. 

Tips for Success

In order to achieve maximum success with your advertising campaigns on Pinterest, it is important to consider the following: 

  • Create a detailed advertising budget for each campaign
  • Use Search Engine Optimization methods that are specific to Pinterest’s algorithm
  • Keep an eye on the campaign analytics data provided by Pinterest 
  • Selecting the right target audience on Pinterest
  • Create an interesting mix of content that will expand your brand’s appeal to Pinterest users
  • Add plenty of value. Be sure that the customer will find relevant content when they click on your pin’s link. 

Are You Interested in Advertising on Pinterest? Contact the Experts at iBoost Today

Have you chosen to advertise on Pinterest or another popular social media platform? Then let the professionals at iBoost help you find success with your next campaign. Our dedicated digital marketers have the training, education and experience needed to help you reach your goals. Contact our team today and find out what we can do for your business. 

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