How to Measure OTT Campaigns


How to Measure OTT Campaigns

OTT services such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and Hulu have taken the entertainment industry by storm with linear TV scrambling to compete against the disruptors. OTT services are convenient, offering customers flexibility and options. They are also convenient for businesses who want to advertise. Though spending on OTT advertising pales in comparison to spending on linear TV advertising, the difference is rapidly shrinking with more businesses realizing the opportunities in OTT advertising. One of these is the ability to measure the effectiveness of their OTT campaigns. In this article brought to you by iBoost Web, we will dive into some of the metrics to evaluate the success of your OTT campaign.

Audience Split Tests

Comparisons are at the core of testing effectiveness. The success of your OTT campaign will be relative and an audience split test helps measure the effectiveness of your campaign by segmenting the audience into test and control cohorts.
The test group receives the ad as intended while the control group receives a placebo or ghost ad. The placebo ad is something like a public service announcement or charity ad. A ghost ad identifies the target audience but does NOT deliver an ad. So, the audience split test compares the conversion rates for each of the groups.
Observing this test over a tracking window of about thirty days will give you insight into the lift of the campaign and help you make adjustments.

Geo Matched Market Tests

A clean audience split test is not always available. When a clean audience split test is not available, the matched market test is usually the preferred method. Rather than comparing the effects of the campaign on targeted audiences, this method tests results on selected markets.
For instance, let’s say your market is New York. A few small markets within New York will be selected as representative of the total market. The placebo ad or ghost ad is delivered to these test markets for a predetermined period of time and the results are tracked to gauge the effectiveness of the OTT campaign.

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