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Service based businesses are in a unique position. Brick and mortar retail companies can attract customers in multiple ways, sometimes clients are just driving by and decide to walk inside and suddenly a sale is made. However, if you're a service provider where someone generally needs to book an appointment ahead of time, your walk in rate is probably pretty low. If you are in an industry where the client doesn't come to you at all, such as plumbing, roof repair, electrical work or pool cleaning, then it's vitally important that a potential customer actually picks up the phone and gives you a call. Businesses like this can really struggle with getting people to take action in the moment and schedule an appointment. 

Thankfully, the team at iBoost are experts in increasing conversions using digital marketing techniques like social media, pay per click ads and search engine optimization. We've compiled a list of the essential ways that your small business can improve your chances of getting new clients.

Tell Them to Call

It may seem like a no brainer, but many people avoid using a direct call to action because they don't want to feel pushy or salesy. The fact is, people want the user experience to be simple and easy to navigate. No one wants to guess what the next step is, so don't be afraid to say exactly what you'd like them to do. You can use a button that links to a page where they can contact you in various ways or you can simply use large, bold fonts that's separated from your body text that says something like, "Call Us Today to Schedule an Appointment" or "Call Now".

Make Your Phone Number Easy to See

Asking them to call you is step number one, but if they can't find your phone number within a second of seeing your call to action, it greatly reduces the likelihood that they'll actually pick up their phone. Your phone number should be located directly above, below, next to or included in your request for your readers to call and book a service. 

There's Power in Repetition

Don't just leave your phone number on a single obscure page and think that your audience is going to search for it. Most of the time, people are in a hurry, and if they can't find what they're looking for within seconds of landing on your web page - they are probably going to hit the back button and find one of your competitors instead. Put your phone number in areas where they're guaranteed to appear automatically, such as the header, footer and sidebar of your web pages and blog posts. Also, use the phone number near any call to action and at least once in the body of every page's copy. Make it easy for them to pick up the phone and dial your number.

Identify Their Struggle and Provide a Solution That Solves It

The reader won't become a customer if they don't think you have what they need. Make them realize quickly that you understand their problem and that you have the experience and resources to solve it. Identify the customer's pain points in your sales copy or blog post, and make sure to list the benefits of choosing you over other similar businesses. Don't forget that most people are scanners when they're reading on the web, so be sure to take advantage of bulleted lists and bold fonts when showcasing your services and offerings.

Be Strategic with Your Advertising Budget

Whether your advertising budget is large or small, make sure that you use every penny in the best way possible. It can be easy to waste money in the online marketplace, by giving your hard earned dollars away. Even marketing techniques that have been proven to work can be performed incorrectly, leaving you with less than stellar results. Hiring experts that know exactly what kind of strategies to use on social media, pay per click campaigns and other opportunities will automatically increase your conversion rate. If your information or ad isn't showing up in front of the eyes of your ideal customer, then no one is going to click on your ad, like your page or go to your website. The professionals at iBoost are trained and experienced in digital marketing and can help you acquire new customers right away.

If your online marketing efforts needs a boost, give us a call at iBoost and schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We can make sure your site is optimized for Google, help manage your pay per click ads, run your social media accounts and turn passive online traffic into raving, loyal customers. 

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