How to Do Market Research Better Than Your Competitors


How to Do Market Research Better Than Your Competitors

Decades ago, simply having an amazing website was enough to attract and retain customers. Now, every business has a presence on the internet, and it’s more difficult than ever before to stand out from the sea of similar companies. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes find ways to improve their online reach using proven SEO and digital marketing techniques. Market research is an essential component of any advertising campaign. Are you unsure about how to conduct market research or don’t understand how it can help you achieve your business goals? Here are some steps you can take to properly conduct market research for your industry, so you can blast past your competitors.

Discover Your Customer’s Problems
The first step is to understand what problems your target audience has, so you can correctly explain how your product or service can solve their issue. This is the entire idea behind market research, because it will allow you to know exactly what customers are looking for from you and your competitors. Brainstorm the kinds of trouble that your company can fix, and create a list. 

Create a Plan
After you’ve determined which issues you would like to address with your advertising messages, it’s time to create a detailed plan for collecting and analyzing the necessary information. There are three primary data sources available, first-party data, second-party data and third-party data. First party information is gathered from your direct customers or people already involved with your company. This can be done through surveys or by searching through reviews for reliable customer feedback. Second-party data is performed when companies purchase data or services from another business that collects the information themselves. And, third-party data is customer information that is bought from a business that did not collect the data themselves, and are therefore reselling it. There are various ways that a small to medium sized business can conduct their own market research, techniques may include: researching competitor search terms, checking out the digital trail of your competition by analyzing their backlinks or researching the demographic information from your Google analytics or website data. You can use one variety of market research, or a combination, but it’s important to lay out the methods that will work best for your unique circumstances and budget. 

Use Analytics to Take Action 
Once the information has been collect and/or purchased from an outside party, then it’s time to analyze the data and come up with an action plan. It’s important to consider trends in the marketplace so you can determine what kind of improvements customers in your industry are looking for. You may have to make adjustments to your current marketing strategy, create new products or service or expand your offerings in order to accommodate the neglected needs of potential clients. 

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