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Hunting for a new SEO company can be paralyzing. When you first start your search, there is likely to be hundreds of businesses in your area all claiming the same level of experience and expertise. You work hard to ensure your company creates revenue, and if you choose to invest those dollars in an SEO company, you deserve to see that money bring in customers and sales for your business. So, how can you narrow down the possibilities and know that you're choosing the best in the industry? Here's a few tips on how to pick an SEO company that will boost your traffic and your earnings.

Avoid Assumptions

Many people think that if an SEO company has an attractive website and ranks on the first page of Google that they must be the best choice. While these are good qualities to look for in an SEO company, they shouldn't be the deciding factor. They may be ranking in the top spot because they purchased their domain name over a decade ago, or because they have hundreds of keyword rich blog posts. That doesn't mean that your business will get the same results, especially if you are a newcomer to the online world and you don't have a blog. Make sure that you thoroughly research a business before signing on the dotted line to ensure you will be getting the best return on your investment. 

Know What You Want

It's understandable that a small business owner is overwhelmed with their daily to do list. In fact, hiring an SEO company will help you solve many of your advertising problems by generating new customers to your business without much work on your end. However, if you truly want to get the best results, make sure you go the extra mile at the beginning and know what you need for your business. Take a few days and do a little research about what search engine optimization can do for you, and what all the options are for growing your website's reach. Set specific goals, and be able to go into your meeting or consultation with an understanding of what success looks like for you and your company. 

Get Evidence 

Don't be afraid to ask the company about case studies or customer results. A quality SEO company with years of experience should be able to show you at least one business that benefited from their services and explain how they might be able to provide similar results for you. If you choose iBoost for your SEO needs, you know you're in good hands. Over 80% of iBoost customer's websites hit the first page of Google in only 2 months.

Customer Care and Communication

One of the most important factors in choosing a quality SEO company is that they can take proper care of their clients. You will likely be working together for a long time and it's important that the lines of communication are open and well received. If it takes you three weeks to get a reply from an email you sent, or if your phone calls are being ignored - then they aren't giving you the kind of quality service you deserve. At iBoost, our team works hard to make sure you are taken care of. If you have any questions, our support staff will be there to answer them. 

If you're ready to make the leap and start selling more of your products and/or services, give iBoost a call. Let us start boosting your business today.

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