How Can Google Local Services Ads Help Your Business?

Getting potential customers to click over to an advertised web page is one thing, but receiving a phone call to schedule an appointment is often much more difficult. For years, eCommerce and product based companies received extremely high conversion rates for their pay per click ad campaigns, while service based businesses were sometimes left behind. Thankfully, Google has created an innovative and exciting new method of online marketing specifically designed to increase sales for service based industries like plumbers and electricians. At iBoost, we strive to provide premium SEO and digital marketing services for our clients. That's why we're excited to present this incredible opportunity for service companies across the country. Read more to find out how your business can benefit from this new offering.


Local Services Ads vs. Traditional AdWords 

AdWords are pay per click advertising campaigns. This means that a business is only charged when a Google user selects the link and is directed to the correct landing page. Local Services ads however are charged per lead. This can be a game changer for service based businesses, because a phone call or service request provides a much higher rate of conversion than conventional forms of PPC advertising. Valid leads include text messages, emails and phone calls that are received and answered by employees. 

Which Kind of Businesses Qualify for Local Services Ads

While a select number of cities offer a wider selection of job types, the majority of the areas currently participating in the program are limited to five industries. 

  • Plumbers
  • HVAC Companies
  • Garage Door Services
  • Locksmiths 
  • Electricians 

What Cities Can Participate 

Google is testing this new service in a handful of cities with plans to expand across North America. Current participating cities include Phoenix, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Dallas, Washington D.C. and Seattle. 

How to Maximize the Results of Your Local Services Ad Campaign

Local Services Ad leads are monitored through a unique system that acts much differently than traditional Pay Per Click ads. After a potential customer clicks on the Google link provided at the top of the search engine results page, the user is prompted to either call or message your company. As soon as they click the ad, you will be alerted with the customer's information, allowing you to follow up with them even if they don't contact you right away. It's important that you respond to leads as soon as possible, because Google states that if businesses "regularly fail to respond to messages or have repeated delays in your responses" they may remove your ad or your ranking may suffer. You'll also need to ensure that your business information is always up to date, so that the client is given the correct phone number, address and contact email. 

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